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Dr. Ordon's Crepe Skin Cream

Aug 16, 2017 | | Slippery Rock, PA

I am disappointed in the Crepe Cream. It is overpriced and not worth a darn. What a scam! And this is from Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. Ripping people off and doesn't he have plenty of money? Why do they allow him to be on the doctor's show?

Poor product

May 2, 2017 | | Brentwood, CA

Very greasy, interferes with wearing jewelry. No difference in skin texture. Questionable, tricky financing.

Don't like it

Jul 12, 2017 | | Colorado

I have just used this once, I don't like the lemon smell, it's like lemon pledge, and it's very greasy. Hours after I used it I was still very greasy, and I live in a very dry climate. Upset I spent so much on this and hate the product.

Placebo effect

Dec 3, 2018 |

I took my own pictures of my crepe skin before using anything. I used Crepe Erase on the right half of face and body and used inexpensive moisturizer on left. I did this for 120 days in a row and afterward repeated pictures of same areas. Both the left and the right looked improved. I could still see crepe skin but 50% better on both sides. I stopped using all products for ten days and took pictures each day, and after two days the crepe was visibly returning big time. At day four or five, it was back to where it was before the start of all this. On day ten, it was even worse than it was when I started. I started moisturizer on both sides and after a week, I saw improvement. I will continue inexpensive moisturizers unless something real comes along but for me, Crepe Erase only erases my checking account.

Also I would like to say what has already been said, it is not $59 (or $39), which is what I thought from the commercial, it is three payments of $59 (or $39) for each shipment and you're when ordering the first time they automatically enroll in a monthly shipment program. After spending a long time looking and reading the fine print (after being charged multiple times for each shipment), I found where they explain it. But in the ad and online none of this is plainly explained, which is what I would expect from scammers, not doctors or honest merchants.

This company is a scam

Oct 2, 2017 | | New York

This is a scam company who signs you up for multiple shipments (gotta read that fine print). They send you what you ordered and then next month they send you three times' what you originally ordered and charge you three time more as well!

Don't do it!

Apr 14, 2018 | | NJ

I saw absolutely no change in my skin. The product is sold as a "subscription," which milks another payment or two out of you if you aren't careful. When you try to end the subscription, the customer service reps give you a hard sell and they try to keep you, it becomes very awkward. My advice, don't even try it!

It works great!

Apr 3, 2015 | | California

I am 54 years old. I ordered Crepe Erase after seeing the infomercial. I used it for a few days and thought it was not going to deliver the promised results and since it's expensive I canceled the auto shipping. I did not want to return what they sent, I just didn't want the auto ship commitment. Well after a few weeks the results are amazing. My creepy neck and chest look amazing. Such a difference. Many friends have commented how great I look. So I will order again. I just wish they didn't try to lock you into auto shipping.


Jun 5, 2018 | | Redding, CA

I agree that this is a scam, BIG TIME! I cannot believe that Jane Sycamore and Dr. Heskett need money this bad. The product is so-so. The type of business ethics is very misleading and unethical. They would not allow e to cancel my order. It took the third call and I had called every half hour and got on the phone with a different rep each time. The third time, I had to threaten them, and tell them I will turn them into the Better Business Bureau, and only then they were kind willing not to auto charge me. At this point, I just asked to be removed from their books because I would NOT be REORDERING AGAIN! We will see what takes places from here. I have notified my credit card people if this automatic charge comes in to shut my card down and issue me a new one. We will see what happens.

Bad product and dishonest CIA

Jul 13, 2017 | | Miami

I bought this product, it doesn't work and this company, without asking if this product is good, they just deliver and charge you a monthly item without authorization. Not honest at all. That is not a proper way to treat new potential customers.

Save your money.

Mar 26, 2018 | | Atlanta, GA

I bought this primarily for my arms. I received the scrub, face cream, and I think another cream that I don’t recall and not worth mentioning. I also didn’t realize that I was signing up for more shipments of the product, but I was able to cancel. I ended up with a lot of the Crepe Erase Cream due to multiple shipments before I was able to cancel, which I guess isn’t all bad because I used a bunch of it to no avail. Same with the face cream, which I also found to be totally worthless. It is difficult for me to understand how celebrities can endorse worthless products that rip people off. Shame on them.

I received a call concerning these products asking how they were working for me approximately 6 weeks or so after I received them, and I told them I saw absolutely no difference, they hung up quickly and never called back. A friend recently mentioned this cream to me and I told her to save her money. For firmer looking upper arms you need a lot of upper body work, which may not preclude crepey skin or you need surgery. I’ve tried several procedures to help smooth the soft skin under my arms but no cream or procedure has helped much to date.

Please BEWARE!

Oct 14, 2017 | | Los Angeles

BEWARE. When you buy this product, you're buying a MEMBERSHIP and you'll get automatic shipments of product sent to you whether you want it or not AND have a large sum automatically charged to your credit card. All I can say is look for the FINE PRINT if there is any, I didn't see any. And because they want you to buy in the "next 10 minutes", you hurriedly buy and don't notice. It's unethical. I didn't love the product (especially the facial cream) and I definitely don't love how they do business.

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