CorVex is a pan sold by Emson and touted by celebrity chef Anne Burrell that claims to heat up 50% faster and cook food evenly without butter or oil. CorVex states it’s free from PFOAs and PTFE-related gases and is double coated with ceramic that makes it extra durable and cleanup a snap.

 What’s so Special About CorVex Cookware Pans?

CorVex is a 9 ½ inch pan that comes in red or black that claims its secret is the CorVex vortex that elevates the pan and “channels” the heat and creates a pocket of superheated air over the entire cooking area.

CorVex also boasts it’s 4 pans in 1: you can use it up to 800 degrees to sear foods like a stainless steel pan, it holds heat like a cast iron skillet, the coating is durable and safe for metal utensils like a ceramic pan, and the surface lets you clean in one wipe like a non-stick. They add you can also create restaurant quality stir-fry or use it in the oven to bake foods like lasagna. 

CorVex also uses the star power of Anne Burrell, a popular TV chef on the Food Network on such shows as Secrets of a Restaurant Chef and Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell; she most recently released a book entitled Cook Like a Rock Star. Her vivacious personality and spikey blonde hairdo add to her appeal and on her Facebook page she calls herself a “perpetual optimist and spreader of sparkles and smiles.” In the commercial Anne claims to use CorVex in her home and promises you will love it in yours.

What Does It Cost to Buy a CorVex Pan?

CorVex $29.95 plus $6.95 shipping and handling and includes a lid with a steam valve, for a total of $36.90. 

CorVex Warranty and Money Back Guarantee

CorVex cookware is said to come with a 30-day money back guarantee, minus shipping and handling and what it costs you to send it back. CorVex also comes with a 5-year warranty, which covers wear-and-tear, dings, and scratches.

Bottom Line: Is CorVex a Good Pan to Cook at Home With?

As of this writing (July 2015) CorVex appears to be a brand new product so we couldn’t find any customer reviews. A ceramic coating is indeed an excellent conductor for heat, is environmentally friendly, and is a popular alternative to Teflon (aka PTFEs) although it appears to be somewhat less durable. 

We appreciate the 5-year warranty, and when we called to get more information were spoke with someone named Ralph who claimed to be the inventor of CorVex. He promised us if we purchased the pan and mentioned his name to customer service, they would make sure to treat us very well. 

Ralph also mentioned that the underneath the ceramic coating, CorVex is an aluminum pan, which is an inexpensive material and an excellent heat conductor.

There is some concern that if you scratch the ceramic surface, you could expose your food and yourself to the aluminum, which could be toxic in large quantities.  

Cooking and Cleaning Tips for Ceramic Cookware 

Another great thing about ceramic cookware is that you don’t need to use any oil or butter to prevent sticking. In fact, if you do use these items you run the risk of shortening the life of the pan. Instead, you can use a little bit of water or broth to steam/fry foods for a flavorful treat.

To clean ceramic pans, you can simply use water or white vinegar and clean with the wipe of a cloth while it’s still warm. Then, when cool, wash with soap and water and a soft sponge. Pro tip: try Bon Ami, a natural non-abrasive powder cleaner that won’t scratch the ceramic surface. 

Final Thoughts on CorVex

Ceramic coatings are a great idea for cookware, but remember this is an “As Seen On TV” product not a fancy high-end pan. It may be good for everyday use so long as you keep your expectations modest. And if you have any problems, call customer service and tell them you’re a friend of Ralph! ☺

We hope this helps you make a decision on CorVex – let us know your experience below.

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