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My experience with Dr. Gundry's Correct and Calm Probiotic Cream.

Dec 9, 2017 | | Jefferson, GA

I am 62. Overall, most people have told me throughout my life that I had beautiful skin. Some of that is genetic and that I was careful to moisturize, stay out of the sun, as well as use good makeup products. But, since the birth of my son 38 years ago, I had broken capillaries on my face due to going through natural childbirth, subsequently pushing so hard that when my son became wedged into the birth canal (due to his football-sized shoulders), I broke them.

They looked so bad, my dad winced when he saw me and walked out of the room. Then as I aged, I began to get rosacea, which appears to be a family thing. Not as bad as some folks but it was clearly there, on again, and off again. I am a person willing to try products that I think might give my aging skin an advantage. I am onto my second jar of this cream. (I have purchased a few more to give to my sisters for Christmas in New England.) It is not going to simply change your skin in a week. It will be a few weeks before you begin to see significant changes. This is definitely a process but given a little time, I can tell you the following.

There is a definite improvement in the appearance of my capillaries. It seems to have a diminishing effect within the first month. My skin's texture feels very soft and the lines that I have softened and are less noticeable. I rarely see signs of rosacea anymore. I will continue to use this cream because at 62 I find that it gives my skin the boost it needs to look more youthful. I would have probably given it a 4.5 because nothing I've tested will give you back the skin of your 20's.

We have to be realistic but it's a very good product to use for the reasons above. Further to the above, my husband has used this as well. His position takes him outdoors, into the hot Florida climate, he always asks me for the facial cream and when he uses it consistently, you definitely notice a softened, weather-lined skin. He looks more rested too, oddly enough. So in my opinion, the bottom line is persistence and consistency of use that will allow you to see your skin in another light, and you're going to like the results. I also use Dr. Gundry's Polyphenol Dark Spot Diminisher even on my rough elbows and hands sometimes, which is different in the texture from my hands and in the feeling of my skin on my elbows. I've used it on some age spots as well, above my eyebrows. Definitely a lightening effect but I have not used it as consistently as the other cream. Bottom line is that I would not have suggested using this product for my sisters (by purchasing it for them as a gift), nor suggested it for my husband to use if the results weren't very positive.

Wonderful Skincare

Dec 3, 2017 | | San Francisco, CA

This product really helped calm my rosacea. My friends have commented on how much better my face looks. They want to know what I’m doing to look younger and better!

Skin softening cream.

Nov 10, 2017 | | Cullman, AL

I am doing well on Plant Paradox Phase 2. I'm losing weight and feeling great but I noticed loose skin on my face. I started using Correct+ Calm Probiotic Treatment and in 3 weeks I can feel the difference. At first, I was surprised that you still use skin care products over the cream but it really works! I am looking forward to seeing the improvement as I continue to use this cream!

Calming and Hydrating

Oct 31, 2017 | | Buffalo, WY

This face cream has been nice for my sensitive and irritated skin. Most other creams leave my face red. This is calming and takes away the redness.

Excellent - I really appreciate it!

Oct 20, 2017 | | California

From the moment I first tried the creme I loved it because of how it felt going on. The next day I immediately noticed a difference in my skin. I love it more and more every day since. It has a smoother, more clear and softer texture. Whenever I put it on I can feel how it's very good for me.

All I can say is my skin loves it and I'm very grateful to have found it. Thank you Dr. Gundry, for creating this very special, healing and unique creme. No doubt it is appreciated by all who are lucky enough to try it.

Correct & Calm

Oct 11, 2017 | | Canada

This is the first skin cream I actually look forward to putting on. It feels like I'm nourishing my skin, unlike most face creams which I feel are full of chemicals that harm your skin. My skin looks healthier and more importantly feels healthier so I know I've finally found something that is legitimately good.

Calming skin cream

Sep 21, 2017 | | Cambridge, MA

I found this skin cream to be very helpful for my skin this summer. After having three skin cancers removed from my face I am very careful with the sun, but I have to walk the dogs so I always put on skin block that was recommended by my dermatologist, and wear a hat. When I would come in my face felt chapped so I starting using the calming cream that I received as a free gift when I purchased another product. It helped so much that I bought three more jars without hesitation. I love this product and highly recommend it.

I love it

Sep 8, 2017 | | Illinois

I have Rosacea and have noticed a big difference. My skin is clearer. I also had dry patches and do not have them anymore!

My Ugly Face

Sep 7, 2017 | | Akron, OH

I have had a skin problem for years, no one can tell me what it is. I have tried EVERYTHING and nothing was working. I got the Primal Plants and have used 3 months and then added the Cream about 3 weeks ago and my skin looks better. The sores on my face can last up to 6 months or more and now they are clearing up faster. I'll let you know after 3 months on cream.

Soothing cream, stops the itch.

Aug 30, 2017 | | San Diego, CA

I love applying this cream on parts of my body with rashes or any skin tags I call "barnacles" and after a few days, the area starts to clear up. It also keeps me from scratching the area so much if I remember to keep applying it at least twice a day (morning upon arising and evening when going to bed.

Try it, you might like it too.

Aug 28, 2017 | | Chicago, Illinois

This cream is worth a try. I am enjoying using it and it does appear to calm the skin as promised. I plan on trying other creams in the future.

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