Copper Wear Tensation from Tristar Products boasts as soon as you turn this device on, it will switch off your pain. They boast that Copper Wear Tensation uses TENS technology (aka electrical pulses), which have been proven to block pain transmissions to the brain and used by doctors everywhere. They state Copper Wear Tensation is portable, rechargeable, and the device can be attached to the back, shoulder, arms or legs to provide instant relief.

What exactly is TENS technology?

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, devices that deliver small electrical pulses to and through the body. Using electrical currents to treat pain has been around since at least the ancient Romans, who would stand on electrical fish for relief (thanks, Wikipedia!) The modern devices were developed in the 1970s and approved by the FDA as a class 2 medical device. TENS units deliver an adjustable current thought to either block the pain impulses from reaching the brain or reducing their levels, via an electrode placed on the body.

But do TENS machines actually work to reduce pain? There is mixed evidence: researchers at University of Melbourne found it promising but Canadian study results showed that a TENS unit was no more effective than a placebo. Still, many doctors and patients swear by TENS machines and there are hundreds of varieties in the marketplace, Copper Wear Tensation included.

Is there any copper in Copper Wear Tensation?

They state Copper Wear Tensation uses the “properties of copper” to relieve pain. While it’s true copper is a good conductor of electricity, those that sell “copper enhanced” products like these often tout benefits from this essential element. However, as we’ve pointed out many times before (see Copper Fit), wearing copper against the body has no added benefit except to raise the price. When we called customer service, they had no specific information they could give us about the copper in Copper Wear Tensation.

How do I use Copper Wear Tensation?

Copper Wear Tensation is a small round TENS device that comes with a black gel pad that looks kind of like a pumpkin. To use Copper Wear Tensation, they instruct you to apply the pumpkin pad to the TENS unit and then directly to the area of pain and turn it on.

They state there are 6 programs included with Copper Wear Tensation, each a different frequency. Program 1 is the default, which goes through all the other levels and is the recommended choice for first time use.

  • Program 1: All types of relief*
  • Program 2: (63 hertz) mild pain relief*
  • Program 3: (13-56 hertz) improve muscular performance*
  • Program 4: (1.2 hertz) slow pain relief*
  • Program 5: (100 hertz) quick pain relief*
  • Program 6: (160 hertz) deep pain relief*

After the program is completed, they state you can re-charge Copper Wear Tensation with the included USB cord. Each gel pad is said to last for 30 uses.

*Stated benefits of Copper Wear Tensation

Copper Wear Tensation/TENS device WARNINGS:

TENS devices should never be worn by anyone with a pacemaker or any other metallic/electronic implanted device. Do not use on the head, chest, front of the neck, or on open wounds or swollen/infected skin. Their website states these devices could also cause lethal heart rhythm disturbances in susceptible people and should be avoided if you are pregnant or have epilepsy.

How much is Copper Wear Tensation?

Copper Wear Tensation includes TENS unit, black gel pad, and USB charging cable and offers a “buy one get one” price of $29.99 but you must also pay $7.99 per unit, making the total $45.97. If you would like only one Copper Wear Tensation, you must change the radio box and they will charge you $37.98 for 1.

Copper Wear Tensation Refund Info

Copper Wear Tensation customer service: (973) 287-5162.

Copper Wear Tensation comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, minus shipping and handling charges. This means they will give you back the initial $29.99 but keep the $7.99 charged per unit and you have to pay to ship Copper Wear Tensation back to them yourself.

Bottom Line: Is Copper Wear Tensation a sensational way to get rid of pain?

We are on the fence about TENS therapy devices – some people swear by them but others feel no benefit. Generally speaking, if you are interested in TENS therapy you should talk with a medical professional to make sure you are healthy enough to use them.

We couldn’t find any reviews of Copper Wear Tensation because the product is still new. We can remind you about the extra fees when purchasing this product that won’t get returned. We’d also like to point out that each Copper Wear Tensation comes with a pad that is said to be good for 30 uses. We called customer service and they said you can “certainly” buy replacement pads but had no information as to how much they cost or where to purchase them.

We feel we should also mention that Copper Wear compression products do not receive favorable reviews on our website. Consumers complain of long shipping times, wrong orders being shipped, and excessive fees being charged. Some do state their compression sleeves work as advertised, but others add that they perform no better than any other sleeve in the marketplace.

Remember, Copper Wear Tensation is an “As Seen On TV” product, sold by Tristar Products. Generally speaking these ASOTV items tend to overhype their benefits and then underperform upon arrival, leaving customers disappointed.

Concluding thoughts: TENS may work for some people, but the customer reputation of other Copper Wear products and limited use of its applicator pads make us suggest you look at other TENS devices.

Because there are so many options, let us point you to The Goodbody, a site that has a complete database of TENS machines that can be sorted and compared.

We found one of the best reviewed TENS devices is from truMedic, averaging 4.4 stars from over 2,500 reviews on Amazon.

Let us know your experience with Copper Wear Tensation below!

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