Copper Wear is yet another compression/copper similar to Copper Fit that says it will soothe aching joints, help them heal faster, “inhibit” odors and bacteria and you can even wear while sleeping.

Copper Wear is essentially an elbow or knee sleeve with copper woven into the fabric. They imply this combination has enhanced health properties, but does it really do anything better?

The Copper Wear Pitch

Copper Wear is targeted at active people like surfers and tennis players as well as older folks who have limited mobility. It’s pitched by former tennis pro Tracy Austin who says Copper Wear “helps with compression and helps with recovery.” They boast its “high performance” 88% copper fiber-embedded nylon is lightweight and works “instantly.”

How Copper Wear Works

Copper Wear appears to be an extra-long black elbow or knee compression sleeve. To use Copper Wear, slip over the afflicted joint. They say it will wick away moisture, keeping you cool, comfortable, and dry and the compressing nature of the fabric will aid in relieving sore or stiff muscles and hasten recovery; they add you can wear Copper Wear 24 hours a day even as you sleep.

Does Compression Really Work?

Yes. Studies have shown that using pressure on muscles and joints can increase oxygen flow, circulation, prevent swelling, speed up recovery, and improve movement. Here are a few of studies:

  3. British Journal of Sports Medicine

Does Wearing Copper Really Work?

Yes and no. As they mention in the FAQ, copper is indeed an essential trace element of all living things. However, this fact has nothing to do with wearing it: copper is usually naturally ingested and we need very small amounts to keep healthy.

The practice of wearing copper for joint health goes back thousands of years (and started becoming popular again in the 1970s) where people would wear copper bracelets on their wrist to help with arthritis. But a recent study showed there are no actual benefits from wearing it.

Copper Wear Costs:

At least $27.98 for one ($19.99 plus $7.99 S&H). At time of order you can opt to “buy one get one” for another $7.99 in fees or add an ankle sleeve for $19.99 which includes free shipping. To their credit, Copper Wear keeps a live updating tally on the order page so you know exactly how much you will be paying.

They promise a 60-day guarantee for all their “coppression” (that’s a new word we just invented and trademarked) products, minus shipping/handling fees.

Bottom Line: Is Copper Wear a Scam?

Copper Wear is not a scam in-and-of-itself. This is a compression sleeve that will probably help with sore muscles or recovery as these types of products have been shown to do.

It’s the implied benefits of Copper Wear that we want you to be aware of. Basically, a copper-infused sleeve is no better than a regular sleeve. Unlike other similar products, Copper Wear plays down the copper angle, perhaps hoping that just the word “copper” has enough power to draw you in (and will help it rank high in searches). They also don’t specifically say it will improve athletic performance, which has not been proven for any compression sportswear. They just show you healthy athletes using the product and hope you will make the connection in your mind.

What we’re saying is: compression sleeves help with stiffness, soreness, circulation, and muscle recovery. There is no added benefit from any copper fiber and it will not make you a better athlete.

With this knowledge, go forth and make your purchasing decision (and let us know your thoughts below!)

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