Copper Pajamas are special nightwear made with a copper fabric that the makers promise is scientifically proven to destroy bacteria and germs. They state Copper Pajamas are the perfect garment for older people in hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities who may be more exposed and vulnerable to pathogens.

Copper Pajamas are said to have been invented in Jolly Old England (where they are called Copper Pyjamas) by 18-year-old Amber McCleary, a student studying forensic psychology at Portsmouth University. They are sold in the USA by Will It Launch, a direct marketing firm.

The Copper Pajamas Pitch

This product is targeted at the elderly or their children, or those that have long stays in hospitals or nursing homes. They tout the fact that copper is known to have anti-microbial properties and state Copper Pajamas have been “rigorously tested” and proven to remove 99.999% of bacteria including MRSA. They try to alarm you by saying 1.5 million Americans fall ill with a healthcare-associated infection every year.

How Copper Pajamas Work

The manufacturers state Copper Pajamas are made from bamboo and copper-infused fabric and are as comfortable as regular pajamas; they come in Men’s and Women’s (S, M, L, XL) although both are the same copper color. While they don’t specifically state the breakdown of the materials, a BBC video on the subject shows a label that reads 60% copper, 20% bamboo, and 20% cotton.

They claim Copper Pajamas were extensively tested at the University of Southampton and proven to kill bacteria within hours; however, they do not cite specific evidence or studies other than showing a picture of dying bacteria in a lab.

To use Copper Pajamas, take them with you to the hospital, nursing home, or anywhere that germs run rampant. They say the pajamas have no spurs to irritate eczema sufferers, and that the copper fibers are engineered to “attract” bacteria to its surface, where they then meet an untimely death. They also state Copper Pajamas “may benefit” those fighting a bacterial or fungal infection.

Copper Pajamas Will Cost You:

$68.93. This is hidden by saying it’s 2 “easy” payments of $29.99 plus $8.95 S&H. They state that once you pay the initial $29.99, customer service will contact you to “arrange” the second payment (WARNING: possible upsell alert!)

Copper Pajamas are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, minus the initial S&H and what it costs you in postage to send back.

Bottom Line: Is Copper Pajamas a Scam?

There is certainly a compelling story about how a woman was saved from MRSA from these copper PJs, but it is published in one of Britain’s notorious tabloids. There is also evidence, as shown in this report that copper surfaces in hospitals and other healthcare settings can kill bacteria. But:

  • Most people contract virus or disease through inhalation or touch; therefore wearing copper on your body will probably not help in those instances.
  • Although the makers claim that Copper Pajamas have been rigorously tested, they cite no specific studies to back this up.
  • In their Privacy Policy page, the company Will It Launch says they reserve the right to contact you about other products via telephone, email, or snail mail, as well as give all your info to “trusted” third parties.
  • It’s almost $70.

Does that make the idea of Copper Pajamas more or LESS comfy? Let us know what you think: did you purchase Copper Pajamas and they worked as advertised or do you feel like you were ripped off? Let us know below!