Copper Hands is a pair of gloves that use what we like to call “compression” – a compression sleeve with copper fibers stitched in which they say creates a “technologically advanced” product. In the case of Copper Hands, they promise these gloves are ultra-light, breathable, and will provide instant relief from circulation problems or arthritic pain.

Copper Hands is a product from Telebrands, a direct marketing company who claims responsibility for creating the “As Seen On TV” logo. They have been in business 30 years, are accredited by the BBB and have an A- rating, due to their “good faith effort” to resolve consumer complaints.

The Copper Hands Commercial Pitch

Copper Hands is targeting older adults and seniors who suffer from muscle or joint pains in the hands perhaps while gardening or opening jars. They tout they use “real” copper in their gloves, which they say work instantly to increase blood flow and relieve sore muscles and joints. The benefits of the copper fibers, while not explicitly mentioned, are implied by the overall message of pain relief. (More on copper in a moment).

How Copper Hands Work

Copper Hands are fingerless gloves that come in 2 sizes (S/M and L/XL) and contain 5% copper fibers, 5% spandex, and 95% cotton; they add that the copper is interlaced at a microscopic level. They say Copper Hands have grip dots on the palm and open fingers so you can use the computer without taking them off. Copper Hands are also “embellished” with copper beads in “focal areas” they say are there to enhance the design.

They say Copper Hands will provide instant relief in your hands and they are so light and comfortable you can wear them all day and overnight.

Does Compression Work?

Yes. Many studies (see here, here and here) have supported the claim that wearing a sleeve that gently tightens around your joints helps to aid in circulation, reduce swelling, soreness, and provide relief from pain.

Does Real Copper Add Any Value?

No. Copper is a trace element in all living things and has been used in small doses as medicine for thousands of years but only if ingested (and having too much or too little in your body can cause great harm).

In ancient times, people used to wear copper rings and bracelets because the copper was thought to help alleviate arthritis; in the 1970s this fad resurfaced. However, it has been shown to have no measurable effect on arthritis.

It Costs:

$19.98 (broken down as $12.99 plus $6.99 S&H); you can also add another pair for $6.99 in fees.

You can return Copper Hands within 30 days but you must: a) pay to ship it back b) include a written “detailed” explanation as to why you didn’t like Copper Hands. Note they will only refund the $12.99 and not any other fees.

Bottom Line: Is Copper Hands a Scam?

Not exactly. Telebrands specializes in these sorts of products: items that seem cool, unique, or helpful on first glance but in reality aren’t really that special. Copper Hands fits this bill: compression sleeves do help people, but the added “technology” of copper fiber has no added benefits.

What do you think? Did you order Copper Hands? Did they work? Please share your review and experience with us below.