You probably don’t think about your wrists very often, but when they hurt, you quickly realize how much you rely on them every day. Can Copper Fit Wrist relief give your pain a rest?

Made mostly of polyester and spandex, Copper Fit Wrist Relief features reinforced splints that stabilize, along with customized compression for a perfect fit. So, whether you’re suffering from joint inflammation, carpal tunnel syndrome, or even arthritis, Wrist Relief can increase support and reduce recovery time.

Does that mean it’s the best solution for you?

Why Stabilize Your Muscles?

Have you ever broken a bone? Ever had an arm or leg casted? Well, removable braces like Copper Fit Wrist Relief perform the same basic function; that is, to temporarily restrict movement in order to speed up the healing process.

Except instead of stabilizing bone, Wrist Relief will use its built-in splints to stabilize muscle and reduce pain related to joint inflammation, carpal tunnel syndrome, and arthritis. But you know what? This doesn’t seem to be much different than dozens of other adjustable wrist braces out there, which we’ll talk more about in a second.

What Is “Customized Compression”?

As Seen On TV companies are famous for their ability to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary; otherwise mundane things into exceptional.

In the case of Copper Fit Wrist Relief, its “customized compression” just means that you can adjust how tight it is using the Velcro straps on the underside. So yeah, it’s technically true, but it’s kind of like calling shoelaces “custom fit webbing.”

What’s Everyone Saying About Copper Fit’s Products?

Wrist Relief isn’t the only product in the Copper Fit lineup. Far from it. You’ve also got Copper Fit Socks, Copper Fit Back, Copper Fit Step FX, and several more.

Generally, customers don’t seem like they’re jumping with joy. Instead, they’ve given Copper Fit’s products an average rating of 3 stars. Mostly, they’re complaining that they don’t work like the commercial makes them seem, they don’t last long, and that customer service wasn’t helpful.

What’s Everyone Saying About Wrist Relief’s Price?

Not much really, since it’s such a new product. But you’ll pay a total of $24.98 to get your hands on one (plus a free Copper Fit soft compression wrist sleeve), which is probably more than you’ll pay at your local pharmacy or sporting goods store.

Add to this that you’ll lose somewhere in the neighborhood of $10 in S&H charges, and it might pay to search locally first.

Bright tip: You won’t be able to take Wrist Relief’s manufacturer to court, because all orders are bound to an arbitration agreement. The details are boring, but suffice to say that you’ll be waiving a ton of your legal rights as soon as your order’s processed.

Copper Fit Wrist Relief: A One-Size-Fits-All Pain Relief Solution?

A word of advice: don’t always believe what manufacturers tell you. I know shocking, right?

Seriously, although Wrist Relief’s combination of adjustable straps and built-in splints can help immobilize your injured or sore (especially for carpal tunnel-relate pain) wrist, it will probably will be minimally effective for arthritis.

What about its compression? Sure, medical-grade compression garments have been shown to promote circulation and wound healing, but here’s the kicker: Copper Fit Wrist Relief won’t provide medical-grade compression. In fact, if you pulled the Velcro straps too tight, you might actually cut off circulation instead of improve it.

The Bottom Line About Copper Fit Wrist Relief

Expectations, my friend, are the key to happiness when it comes to As Seen On TV products. Keep ‘em realistic and you might be satisfied. Aim too high and you might be disappointed.

Is your wrist sore from mild carpal tunnel syndrome? Playing too much golf lately? Old injury acting up? In cases like these, Wrist Relief might help. But remember it’s the immobilization that’s helping—not the compression. And just about any local store will have a splint brace that can provide this same immobilization, for about the same price (or even less).

Expecting your arthritis to all but disappear as soon as you slip the Wrist Relief brace on? In that case, you’re all but certain to be disappointed.

Whatever you decide, try talking with your doctor first. They can give you some great advice; whatever’s causing your wrist pain!