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A really big rip off.

Jul 4, 2014 | | Paradise California

Be aware that every item you order the charge you $7.99 for shipping. You don't find this out until after you've already placed your order. I tried to cancel my order before it shipped but they were closed. Next day I called the cancel and they told me it had already been shipped out. They said just refuse the order and don't open the package and will refund your money.

I ordered two sets or four items. So shipping came to $31. I did like they told me and refuse the order and sent it back. He said they're going to credit my account for the product but not for the shipping. The items were shipped in a small envelope and came regular parcel post.

There is no way it cost $31 to ship them. But they refused to refund the shipping charges. Be aware that if you buy The first one and think you're getting the second one free forget it. The first ones $19 and the second one is $15. And if you return them you're not going to get your money back for the second one.

I will never buy anything from as seen on TV ever again.

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