Copper Fit Back Pro is a compression belt with “copper-infused” fabric that promises to provide support for and relief from lower back aches and pains. This comes from the makers of Copper Fit (see our review here) and is yet another product touting the alleged benefits of adding a bit of copper to compression.

How Copper Fit Back Pro Works

Copper Fit Back Pro looks kind of like something you’d see a prizefighter wear – it’s a thick, black belt with two copper colored stripes arcing across the back (it’s not as "studly" as Copper Back).

They don’t state how much copper is used in Copper Fit Back Pro, but if it’s like Copper Fit’s other products, it’s probably mostly polyester, a bit of spandex, and less than 4% of copper fibers.

The main thing Copper Fit Back Pro promises is that the compression will alleviate your sore back, and the copper’s moisture-wicking properties will absorb sweat and odors. The website and infomercials feature imagery and testimonials from several athletes, implying that using Copper Fit Back Pro will also improve performance. 

Copper Fit Back Pro Price:

$19.99, which includes free shipping. Copper Fit Back Pro comes with a 30-day return policy, minus what it costs you to ship it “back.”

Bottom Line: Is Copper Fit Back Pro a Good Product?

We’ve said it time and time again and again – COPPER AND COMPRESSION DO NOTHING SPECIAL TOGETHER.

Copper has been shown to have antibacterial properties when used as a surface in hospitals, but there is little evidence that it does the same when woven into fabric. (That said, wearing it won’t hurt you, either.)

Compression can alleviate swelling and help with recovery in sore muscles, but experts are on the fence if wearing a back brace like Copper Fit Back Pro is a good idea when doing any lifting. Some believe wearing something like Copper Fit Back Pro gives people a false sense of their own strength, causing them to injure themselves when lifting too much.

Similarly, while extremely popular with athletes, there is insufficient evidence that compression wear will actually improve your performance.

Why is there so much emphasis on the copper in these products? Copper was used for centuries as a medicine. Ancient Egyptians used to wear copper rings, which was thought to alleviate arthritis; however a recent study debunked this claim

Our readers have related their experience with Copper Fit and so far it has not been great: it averages 2 stars from 18 reviews

Therefore, we say, if your back is sore you may consider wearing a compression sleeve for short periods of time. Just don’t expect anything magical from added copper or that you’ll suddenly be a super athlete. 

Let us know your experience with Copper Fit Back Pro below!

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