Copper Chef is a new cooking system from Fusion Brands and sold by Tri-Star Products that claims to replace 6 pans and cook your food in half the time. The Copper Chef square pan touts it is coated with ceramic that is infused with copper, can heat up to 850 degrees, be used on the stove or in the oven, and nothing will stick to it, ever.

What’s so awesome about Copper Chef pan that makes cooking easier?

Copper Chef is a 9 inch copper-colored pan whose other dimensions are not available but is touted as being “deep” – a recipe on the website seems to indicate it can roast a 6 lb. chicken. On the bottom is a round stainless steel induction plate that they claim works on any heating surface be it electric, gas, ceramic, or induction. It has a handle of unknown length as well as a “helper handle”, which they claim makes it easier to lift heavier dishes.

Copper Chef boasts that it is coated in Cerami-Tech non-stick technology that allows you to cook without oils or butter and free of PTFEs or PFOAs. In addition, they claim the pan has a “copper infused” coating that allows it heat evenly and quickly up to 850 degrees F. They insist Copper Chef can be used both on top of the stove as well as in the oven, replacing a baking dish, roasting pan, rice cooker, steamer, stock pot, and wok. They add Copper Chef is dishwashing machine safe for a completely hassle-free cleanup.

Copper Chef is championed by TV chef Eric Theiss (who also endorses the Power Pressure Cooker XL) and your Copper Chef order includes his All Around Cooking book, which they say contains over 25 recipes. They suggest you can make chicken, lasagna, short rips, apple pie, and even bananas foster flambé all in a fraction of the normal time and served right to the table in same square pan.

How much does it cost me to buy a Copper Chef copper pan set?

Copper Chef is a 4-piece unit that comes with the pan, a tempered glass lid, a steam and roast rack, fry basket, and recipe book. The list price on the website is $59.97, which includes free shipping and can be paid in 3 installments of $19.99.

Is there any guarantee for my Copper Chef pan?

Yes. Copper Chef touts a Lifetime Guarantee, which they state starts upon receipt of your order. They claim you can return Copper Chef any time for your money back, minus what it costs you to ship it back.

  • Copper Chef customer service number: 1-973-287-5176.
  • Copper Chef email:
  • To check the status of your Copper Chef pan order:

Bottom Line: Coper Chef is a durable pan but copper coating likely for show

We say this because, generally speaking, we like ceramic coated pans much better than Teflon. Copper Chef seems to be fairly versatile and large enough to feed a family of four. We also dig the Lifetime Guarantee offer and the free shipping.

But while copper is indeed a much better conductor than aluminum, they really don’t tell you how much copper it is “infused” with; because of the low price of Copper Chef it’s likely a fairly small amount that serves more for decoration.

Chef Theiss’ other Fusion Brand product, the Power Pressure Cooker XL averages just 2.5 stars from people who say they bought it. While a number of people do say they love it, there are some complaints about lousy customer service, upsells, and a faulty product with a lid that doesn’t close.

Still, with the advances in ceramic technology, the Lifetime Guarantee, and the free shipping, we think you are likely to find Copper Chef useful in your kitchen for a variety of different meals.

Let us know your experience with Copper Chef below – was it as easy to use and versatile as they promised it was? Did they honor the Lifetime Guarantee?