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Will my hair grow back?

Mar 8, 2018 | | NY

I have lost a lot of hair using this product. I have zero family baldness. I've been using this product for a few months and thought it was great but after trimming my hair, it's incredibly obvious that it's severely thinned my hair. I have bald patches everywhere. Can anybody tell me if the hair grows back? Please. I can't believe what is happening.

Works amazingly well for me!

Mar 4, 2018 | | Bath, United Kingdom

I have been using this for about one month now, and I was a bit hesitant to try, however, my hair has gone seriously grey/white over the last 10 years. I determined that there were enough positive reviews on the Just For Men website to make it worth a try. So my feedback (and I won't dispute others, this is just my experience):

1) It works really well (over one week of using it daily), I was quite amazed by how my hair color has come back and I use it about twice a week now to try and maintain it.

2) My hair was looking really thin, but now it looks much thicker, as it is more opaque and a medium to dark brown. I like the fact it has light tinges, unlike dyed hair which makes it look pretty natural!

3) I have had no hair loss at all, not that I am aware of.

4) I have had no itching or issues with my scalp.

5) Wear gloves. (I used to dye my hair in my 20's so I expected to do so.) However, it does not suggest and does not come with gloves which most hair dyes do. Just some feedback to some condescending women.

I think its great suff and don't plan to stop using until my hair does drop out!! I'm 54 btw.

Good luck to anyone who try it.

Excellent results.

Feb 23, 2018 | | CA

I have been using this for a couple of months, and it works great for me. Even my mustache and sideburns are all matching. Now I'm trying it on my beard, we'll see what happens. So far, I've used it four times and I can tell it's working.

Hair falling out.

Feb 16, 2018 | | OK

I was initially happy with the product, as my prematurely white/gray hair went back to my natural black color. It was very even, and even left a touch of gray which I wanted. It even worked on my beard. However, I noticed my hair thinning. I thought that at first, it was just because it made my hair texture softer, but after using this product off and on several months, I noticed large clumps of hair in my drain, and significant hair thinning.

Fortunately, I had very thick hair, so the thinning is less noticeable. I also noticed that this product made my scalp feel tingling. This product works great, but I think it is a dangerous product and should not be used for any length of time.

Causes hair loss.

Feb 5, 2018 | | Northampton

I started using this product in April 2017. I thought it was brilliant as it did cover well. By about July 2017, I noticed my hair was much thinner. I was getting up to 20 hairs on my pillow each morning. I stopped using it. I have had to use hair fibers to cover up my scalp since then to cover the hair loss. By about January 2018, I now confirm my hair is growing back and I think it will continue to recover fully. With each haircut, my hair is improving now. I don't know what ingredient causes this. It is such a shame, as it was so easy to use and was giving a natural cover. I can never risk using it again.

JFM GX Control shampoo and conditioner

Jan 31, 2018 | | Fredericktown, MO

It did darken my hair but I also noticed my hair thinning. I always have had thick hair with no family history of baldness. I would like to know if it will grow back.

Hair loss is real with this product.

Jan 18, 2018 | | New York, NY

The product started working but just like other people have mentioned, I have started losing hair. I decided to google the product and found this page. I will stop today using this product. I will not use it again.

Horrible product do NOT buy.

Jan 17, 2018 | | PEI, Canada

I used this a few times, and I thought it was great until I noticed my hair falling out and becoming very thin. I had thick hair before using this, in fact when I would get my hair cut, I would have to get them to thin out the sides a bit because my hair was so thick. Now, every time I brush my hair I am looking to see how much is coming out. One of my biggest fears in life was to become bald. I hardly ever wore a hat or blow dried my hair for that reason. This is a terrible terrible product and unfortunately, you don't know it's side effect until 2, 3, or 4 weeks later.

You get what you pay for!

Dec 31, 2017 | | Seattle

I bought JFM Control GX on 12/30/17, but I read the reviews before trying it. The negative reviews about hair loss, blisters, itchy scalp, etc., has led me to return it to WalMart before trying it. I’m not going to be a animal research project for JFM. In the past, I have tried both their hair and beard dyes too. I looked absolutely ridiculous with this product on my face and head. I wouldn’t recommend JFM to my worst enemy.

Just for men Control GX

Dec 12, 2017 | | UK

I have used this product for two months (only using once a week), the color was suitable for me. But, my friends and I have noticed how thin my hair has become on the top. My hair has reduced by at least 30% on top and thinner around the sides! Before use, I had really thick hair so I have stopped using it.

Please does not use this product. Its bad enough going grey but losing your hair as well is much worse.

Did not work and I'm losing hair on top.

Dec 11, 2017 | | Hudson, Florida

I purchased your Control GX product that was supposed to control the amount of grey hair. My hair is white to light grey, and after using your product every time I take a showered it did nothing. My hair is still white to light grey. The product made no difference! And now, I'm starting to lose the little bit of hair I had before on top.

So, where do you want me to send the empty tube? I could make a suggestion but I cannot put on paper what I really feel.

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