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Didn’t work

Nov 8, 2018 | | Kansas City, KS

This product turned me from 50 to 100% grey in less than two weeks. I followed direction to the letter. Do NOT use this product.

Great natural change vs dye job

Oct 31, 2018 |

I was concerned about these hair loss comments but that hasn't happened to me. I actually think that it's a smear campaign because I can't see how a light dye could do this.

Losing my hair too. DO NOT USE!

Oct 27, 2018 | | New York, NY

STOP USING THIS PRODUCT! After using Control GX for six months, my hair got a lot thinner. I've also lost some hair on top of my head. Someone should start a class action against this company.

Hair loss after four months of use

Oct 20, 2018 | | Denver, CO

I have been using this product for about four months, and I'm definitely now seeing a lot of hair loss on the top of my head. I couldn't understand what was happening, but now after seeing these reviews, it must be this product causing the hair loss.

Good product

Oct 14, 2018 | | New Zealand

It worked just like it said it would. I only use it once per week to tone down the greys slightly. No hair loss like other reviews.

Absolutely not

Sep 26, 2018 | | West Virginia

This has to be one of the worst products on the market. I had used one bottle and thought that my hair was just planning out because of age. The more I have reviewed, and the more I have used, my hair is noticeably missing. As a man with thin hair already, I felt that this product would help dark and in those landing spots. What I realized is that it created an even bigger problem. I am now on medication to try and resolve the problem, but I am fearful that at my age it may be too late. This company should be taken to court and have this product removed from the market. I could not raise this with zero stars. Do not use this product!

Control GX

Sep 22, 2018 | | Boston, MA

As with the other reviewers, I have noticed hair loss on top of my head. It would be nice if this was stated as a warning on the bottle.

Hair much thinner after use of Control GX

Sep 17, 2018 | | Florida

I am a 51-year-old-male, very healthy and had a thick head of hair for my age. I started using Control GX and used it the first week for about four days in a row. Thereafter, I used it about two or three times a week. Results were impressive, but I noticed my hair was thinning and could now see bald spots on top, especially when my hair was wet. I am absolutely sure it was this shampoo, as nothing else in my life had changed, not stress, eating habits, medication, nothing.

The only thing I can think of is that I may have a slight allergy to PPD and since we use this more often than, normal hair dye could cause breakage and fall out of the hair. Also, it says to use for one minute and maybe two, and I was keeping it on for four or five minutes at a time, hoping for faster results. Maybe someone else has the same theory, I don't know. It has stopped falling out and I am taking vitamins and keeping myself healthy hoping for some regrowth, but not holding my breath.

Hair loss!

Sep 17, 2018 | | Ontario, Canada

As others have already stated, hair loss is a problem with this product, for some at least. After about a 1 1/2 months of use (one tube), I noticed my hair thinning on top and along hairline, I have always had thick hair and no hair loss at all in our family, in fact, after a regular cut they always use thinning out scissors as my hair is so thick, but not anymore! The product worked as far as getting rid of the grey, but obviously, for some of us, hair loss is a problem. I will not use this product again, I say watch out for hair loss!

No longer thick hair

Sep 16, 2018 | | Tennessee

I was so happy when this product came out. It worked great on my hair turning it a nice dark brown color. Then I started noticing that my once thick hair was thinning. Just For Men is trying to hide that this product can cause hair loss. Thankfully I found this post. I hope it's not too late.

touch of gray or hair loss?

Sep 15, 2018 | | Tennessee

I have been using Just for Men Shampoo and noticed my hair falling out. Does anyone know if Just for Men Touch of Gray cause hair loss?

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