Comfy Dreams promises their woman’s nightgown will eliminate the night sweats and keep you cool. Our question is: what nightgown doesn’t?

There is no information as to who sells Comfy Dreams, although we think it’s probably the same geniuses behind Breezy Dreams (see our review here).

The Pitch

They are targeting this nightgown at older women who may be experiencing menopause and having hot flashes at night. They state that millions of women face this problem and Comfy Dreams is the “easy” solution. They tout its “special” BreatheKnit fabric prevents overheating.

How Comfy Dreams Works

Comfy Dreams is a simple woman’s nightgown (you won’t see it in the Victoria’s Secret catalogue) that comes in soft blue or white. Other than a fancy name, there is no information as to what this BreatheKnit fabric is actually made of. (Hint: it’s probably not cotton, flannel, or 100% natural, or they would say.) They claim this material will pull sweat away from the body and to the surface, enabling it to dry more quickly and let you cool off. In other words, it works just like every nightgown ever made.

Comfy Dreams Costs:

$35.89 for 2.

Comfy Dreams “BOGO Free!”

Let us break down their offer for you. They claim Comfy Dreams is $19.95 and if you buy one you get one free. But there’s (always) a catch: not only do you pay $7.95 in shipping for the first gown, you pay it for the second as well, making the total non-refundable fees $15.94. Even if you return Comfy Dreams within the allotted 30 day guarantee period, they will still pocket this cash (and you have to pay to ship them back).

What you should know

Comfy Dreams likes you so much they want to keep your name, address, phone number, and email and periodically say “hi” (meaning bombard you with solicitations). They also state “from time to time” they will allow “reputable” third parties to say hello as well. Read all the gory deets on their Privacy Policy page.

Bottom Line: Is Comfy Dreams a Scam?

Yes. There is nothing special about this nightgown, other than the fact that it’s incredibly overpriced. This company is too mysterious and their privacy policy too invasive. Shop elsewhere for a cotton or flannel gown and you will sleep better, guaranteed.