ColorCove System is a new tan-in-a-can. It’s designed to appeal to women insecure about the way they look who hope by having a fake bake they will be more attractive. To achieve this goal, they say you must use the Instant Bronze, followed by a Daily Enhancer, and then a Contouring Spray, which will make certain areas “pop.”

There is no info about the company behind ColorCove. The website was built by a gun-for-hire marketing company who specialize in slick-looking sites with very little practical content.

The ColorCove System Pitch

Modern Society has equated being thin and tan as the ultimate expression of beauty (in Ye Olden Days, being thin and tan meant you were a peasant working in the fields). ColorCove System is trying to lure women who are afraid of both aging and the sun. This product makes a lot of claims, many of which are psychological: you’ll feel better, you’ll look younger, you’ll have more confidence, and men will find you more attractive.

ColorCove System Ingredients

They list the ingredients and their alleged benefits on the ColorCove website. Many of these have fancy names and unsubstantiated claims, including hydroxytyrosol “derived from olive fruit for the prevention of aging,” resveratrol “potent natural antioxidant derived from the skin of red grapes,” and Kona coffee seed extract “a natural skin firming agent.”

All the ingredients appear to be natural and some are listed as organic; however, a disclaimer on the product which says women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should consult with a healthcare provider gives us concern as to what else is in ColorCove to prompt such a warning.

How the ColorCove System Works

ColorCove System is 3 bottles of spray-on tan fluid, size unknown (a call to the listed 800 number resulted in a busy signal). To use, spray on the Instant Bronze and rub in with the Blending Tool (aka sponge); to prolong this tan, apply the Daily Enhancer; finally, to make certain areas of the body stand out (and hide others) spray on the Contouring Spray.

They provide no specific timetable or instructions for use – when you purchase ColorCove they say they will give you access to online Tips & Tricks as to how to apply your faux-glow.

Each ColorCove OrderIncludes:

  • Instant Bronze, Daily Enhancer (size unknown)
  • “Free” Contouring Spray (extra S&H)
  • Blending Tool
  • Online Tips & Tricks Guide
  • Travel Bag

ColorCove’s Tricky Math

ColorCove tries to obscure the true price of its product by splitting the payment in 2 and sneakily adding an additional $9.99 shipping for the “free” Contour Spray. The true cost is: $79.96. If you do return this product within the allotted 30 days, you must pay to ship it back and they will not return the $19.98 collected as fees.

Bottom Line: Should you pass on the ColorCove System?

We think yes because the ColorCove is very expensive and they don’t even tell you how much product you get for your money. When we tried to call for further information, we received an archaic busy signal – never a good sign. This product claims to be better than other home tanning lotions, but there is no proof to back this up. (Frankly, we think the models in the Before & After pics on the website look better in the Before!) If you really, really want to be a shade or two darker than you are, go to a big box retailer website and look for the sunless tan cream with the most positive reviews. But, honestly, to quote Billy Joel, we love you just the way you are...