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Not compatible

Oct 25, 2015 | | Los Angeles, CA

They advertise toward the military so I bought this for my daughter while my husband is deployed but it only works for very few phones and tablets. Not everyone had the newest version of big name phones.

Best money we ever spent on a toy!

Jul 31, 2015 | | Stamford Ct

Just received ours this week and used it tonight while my husband and I went out on our Friday dinner date. When we returned back home our babysitter said she hasn't put her bunny down since we left and when we went to check on her, there she laid sleeping cuddled up with her new friend.

Do Not Buy.

Jul 14, 2015 |

My grandmother bought a CloudPet for my daughter so they could stay in touch after we moved across the state. She bought it for her birthday. Here is everything that went wrong.

1. She ordered a bunny - they told her:

  • they didn't receive the order
  • they had no more bunnies
  • she would need to pay an additional fee to get the cat on time

2. The app is not compatible with all phones

3. I called costumer service to see what I could do:

  • he told me they were sending the bunny and wouldn't allow me to cancel it
  • he said I should have looked on the website to see if my device was compatible. I didn't buy it, how could I know?

4. He refused to return the shipping cost and additional fee

Do not waste your money on this piece of junk.

Shay and Tim work for CloudPets

Jul 11, 2015 | | Washington, DC

The app is rife with bad reviews and for good reason: it doesn't work as advertised. Every piece of the process is manual; the audio is sent from the toy to the device then it has to be sent manually from the device to the cloud. (I wasn't ever able to receive any audio from the toy; it went into limbo so your results may vary).

When sending audio from the app to the toy, you have to record audio, then manually send it from the app to the toy within the app. It won't go straight to the toy from the app, on the receiving end if the user doesn't sign in and manually send the audio, it never gets to the toy and the app never notifies you that new audio has arrived.

The instructions are vague and leave plenty of room for error. I have an in depth knowledge of technology so I have a good understanding of this type of thing, but I pity anyone who doesn't. I imagine there are hundreds of these toys that just never get set up.

The app doesn't even deserve a single star and the toy gets one star out of five because the electronics take up half of the toy's body. If it worked exactly as advertised it would get a 5 but as it is, even a 1 is too much.

Doesn't work right

Jun 13, 2015 | | Ohio

I have a new Droid Turbo and we can not get the Cloud Pet to connect. My wife has an iPhone and it works with that but we still have trouble getting the software to record and play the messages all the time. The experience has been bad and nothing at all like the commercial.

Great Toy for Little Kids

May 18, 2015 | | Orlando, FL

I just have to chime in. This is a great toy. It takes a few minutes to set up, but works great once it's done. I think it's better than regular audio or video chatting for little kids because it gives them something to cuddle with.

Kid needs a cell phone

May 17, 2015 | | New York

Bought for my son who goes to a camp where they have a WiFi area they can use every night before bed. Thought it would be great to send messages and get quick messages back daily. The problem is that my son can't have his phone with him at camp. If he had his phone we would just call or Face Time, who needs the bear getting in the way. Overall feel misled.

Works great as advertised. Bought for my 3 children.

Mar 20, 2015 | | New Jersey

Love this product! Works great for all 3 of my children. A must have for any family.

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