CloudPets is a combination app for your iPhone or iPad and a cute teddy bear. This way, mommy or daddy can say "I miss you!" from far away and the message will be delivered through the speaker on the bear. To reply, the child squeezes one of the bear's paws, says "I miss you too!" and the message is transmitted back (at least that's what they say…)

CloudPets is sold by Spiral Toys LLC (which also seems to market this same product under the name Toy-Fi). There is no other info available.

The CloudPets Pitch

"Saying goodbye can be so hard," says the VO in the infomercial with a stuffy British accent, "the ones you love seem so far…" We watch Daddy kiss his Little Girl goodbye as he goes off to work (presumably very far away). This toy is targeted at parents who travel a lot or those in the military – they offer free shipping on the products for anyone in the Armed Forces. 

How CloudPets Teddy Works

The technology behind CloudPets Teddy is your iPhone or iPad combined with a free app you can download from the iTunes store (they say Android coming soon). To use CloudPets Teddy, both sender (hereafter known as "Daddy") and receiver ("Teddy") need to have the app installed on their Apple device; Teddy needs to be within 10 meters (6 feet) of an iPhone or iPad. First, Daddy records a 10-second message and presses send; the message is transmitted via cloud and "floats down" to the app near Teddy. When the message is ready, a red heart-shaped LED pulsates on Teddy's chest. The child receives the message and then replies by squeezing one of Teddy's paws; Daddy receives it in his app.

That's what they promise, at least.

CloudPets Teddy Costs:

$38.98 ($29.99 plus $8.99 S&H). The app itself is free and downloadable from the iTunes store. You can return Teddy within 30 days if CloudPets Teddy doesn't work the way say it does for your money back, minus S&H and what it costs to send back.

Bottom Line: Is CloudPets Teddy a Scam?

We can see how the idea of this toy might be appealing to both parents and a small child who are separated. But, on the other hand, technology nowadays is such that families can communicate with audio and video for hours and don't need a toy bear to send a 10-second message. We like that you can download the app for free to check it out; we also like that it's shipped for free to military. We are concerned that the technology might not work as promised or at least require a bit of tech savvy to get it configured. We strongly suggest downloading the app first and seeing if you can get it to work the way it is described. If you like the way it functions, order the bear.