Clicker Mop is a new mop from Telebrands that they claim uses a “unique ratchet action” which helps make the mop wring itself dry and clean. They add it’s lightweight, can get to areas that are hard to reach, and its green microfiber mop head is washable and can last up to 2 years.

Telebrands is also the company behind the Hurricane Twin Spin, a mop that seems to have a similar microfiber head, but comes with a centrifugal bucket. Is this newfangled version top of the mops? Let’s find out.

The Clicker Mop Pitch

Clicker Mop is targeted primarily at women who are sick of smelly, dirty mop heads and looking for a better solution. Clicker Mop is colorful and appears to make mopping up spills and dirty floors a breeze; the infomercial shows the mop in action as it quickly absorbs several messes. They promise you’ll never touch a dirty mop head again (eewww!)

How Clicker Mop Works

Clicker Mop has a bright fluorescent green mop head and ratchet base. They say the head itself is removable and can be cleaned in the washing machine. The main things that they claim sets it apart from other mops is that it holds 10x its weight in water, it can be used without needing to sweep first, and, primarily, the ratcheting device.

To use Clicker Mop, start sweeping with it. They promise the microfibers will pick up all dirt and debris and when you soak it in water, these will be released. Then, to clean it, instead of wringing by hand (again, ewww!) or using some kind of extra device, Clicker Mop’s ratchet automatically wrings it out as you click-turn the base. They promise it will then be clean and ready for another go across the floor.

Clicker Mop Costs:

$27.98, which includes a second green mop head. ($19.99 plus $7.99 shipping/handling.) If you would like another Clicker Mop and extra mop head, they state you can add at checkout for another $9.99 in fees. Note, none of these fees are refundable, even if you send Clicker Mop back where it came from within 30 days and provide the required written explanation with your return.

Bottom Line: Is Clicker Mop a Scam?

As we mentioned, this is the latest mop from Telebrands that has a microfiber head they say attracts dirt and holds 10x water (although this one is neon green). The previous one, the Hurricane Twin Spin did not score well with consumers, as there were many complaints of shoddy manufacturing, the poll snapping in two, and the microfiber head being impossible to get clean of gunk.

In this version, they eschew the spinning centrifugal bucket and add the ratchet. Does this make for a better, more durable product that works as advertised? The reviews are not yet in. Why don’t you be the first and tell us your review and experience with Clicker Mop below!