Clever Scope from Bell + Howell is a flexible flashlight with built-in magnets that they claim bends into any shape and is great for a wide variety of uses. Clever Scope touts that not only can you use it on your next fishing trip or for late night reading, but the magnets can help retrieve metallic items that have fallen into hard-to-reach places.

What’s so cool about Clever Scope flexible flashlight with magnets?

Clever Scope is a snake-like flashlight that has an LED light as well as a powerful magnet on either end; no brightness is given but it’s said to last over 100,000 hours.

Clever Scope boasts this flashlight is totally flexible, so you can bend and twist it as well as extend it up to 34 inches. It also comes with LR 44 batteries for each light. Because you can bend Clever Scope around objects, they say it’s great for using it to work in the garage or under the sink, allowing you to point and use it hands free where you need it. They add you can also wrap the Clever Scope flashlight around your arms or your neck.

Clever Scope touts it’s also great as bicycle lights for your kids or reading lamps for you and your spouse, with each of you having their own light. But perhaps the thing that makes it so “clever” is they proclaim Clever Scope can help you retrieve lost objects – like your wedding ring that fell into the garbage disposal or a tool that fell behind your workbench – without any strain or effort. To do this, they say to simply snake the Clever Scope towards the item and the magnetic fields will do the rest.

How much does it cost to buy a Clever Scope bendable flashlight?

Clever Scope retails in the commercial and on their website for $10 plus $4.95 processing and handling. If you would like an additional Clever Scope, they tell you to check the box and pay another $2.95 in processing fees, making the total $17.90 for 2.

When you purchase Clever Scope, you are also signing their arbitration agreement, which prevents you from suing them or joining any class action lawsuit against them.

Is there a money back guarantee for Clever Scope?

Yes. Clever Scope gives you 30 days to try it, and if you don’t like the way it lights up your life (or any other reason) they state you can return for the initial $10 back but not any of the shipping and handling fees.

Clever Scope customer service: 844-620-3707

Bottom Line: Clever Scope is “clever” and good for some situations, but buy at retail

Clever Scope has received generally positive reviews from people who purchased it on HSN (it was so popular that it’s sold out there). Many reviewers it’s sturdy, bright, and does come in handy for a variety of uses – one even suggests wrapping a Clever Light around your dog’s collar while walking at night.

The only negative issues for Clever Scope seem to be that it gets hot and the batteries quickly drain if it’s on too long. For this reason, some people have recommended against using it as a reading light.

Therefore, we’re going to say Clever Scope may be a “clever” gift for the handyperson in your life, but not for the bookworm.

We’ll also give you a “clever” tip: don’t order Clever Scope online or over the telephone. BrightReviewers that have bought other Bell & Howell products (a trademark licensed by E. Mishan & Sons) complain that they have been barraged by telephone solicitors after purchasing these products online. Others complain about extremely long shipping times or being billed for items they didn’t order. (If you’d like to learn about how to put the kibosh on telephone solicitors, read our handy how-to guide.)

Instead, the next time you are at Walgreens, Wal-Mart, or other retailer that sells “As Seen On TV” products, look for Clever Scope. The truth is that most of these companies make the majority of their sales at these big chains where they are a popular impulse buy, sparked by interest from the television commercial.

If you bought Clever Scope, let us know what you think of it below!