Clever Light by Bell and Howell claims to be 4-lights-in-1 and perfect for emergencies. They tout its slim design and white LED bulbs last a lifetime and that all you need to do is plug Clever Light into an outlet; if it senses a blackout, it will turn on automatically.

How Clever Light Works

Clever Light uses the brand name Bell and Howell, a company that first made film projectors and has been in business since 1907. However, nowadays the name is merely licensed to sell consumer products such as the Clever Light (or it’s “sister” the Clever Grip).

Clever Light is promoted as a handy re-chargeable light that has a softer light on its face and a string of more intense LEDs on top; alas, they don’t mention how bright their illumination is.

To use it, plug into an outlet to charge the lithium battery. Then, they state you can either automate it to turn itself on at night or be activated with the motion-sensor. They add you can unplug it from the wall and use the top LEDs as a flashlight.

They state it will also “sense” if there’s a blackout and automatically turn on, but they don’t elaborate on the technology behind this feature and customer service had no further information.

Clever Light Will Run You

Clever Light costs $20.90 for 1 ($14.95 plus $5.95 S&H). You can add a second Clever Light for another $5.95 in fees for a total of $26.85.

You have 30-days to try Clever Light and if it doesn’t light up your life you can return it for your initial $14.95 back but they’ll keep all the extra fees.

Bottom Line: Is Clever Light a Scam?

While consumer reviews are not yet in on Clever Light, we’d like to point out a few things you might want to think about before purchasing.

Namely, how bright is it and how long does the battery last? We asked a customer service representative and they did not have an answer – they suggested we Google the information (we found nothing).

Also, you should know that when you purchase Clever Light, you are also signing an arbitration agreement, which prevents you from suing them if it doesn’t work right and you perhaps stub your toe (or worse) in the dark.

In addition, Clever Light’s Privacy Policy page gives them permission to solicit you with other products or services, via telephone, regular mail, or email. They say they may also “from time to time” give your information to “reputable” third parties. You may opt out of this by sending them a few emails.

Finally, remember, Clever Light is an “As Seen On TV” product which generally tend to overstate their value and sometimes leave purchasers disappointed.

Let us know what you think about Clever Light below!