Clever Key from Spark Innovators is a pocket organizer that claims it can keep your keys nice and compact inside your pocket or purse. They tout Clever Key can expand to stack and hold 12 keys, comes in both red and black, and will make fishing around for your keys a thing of the past.

What is Clever Key and Why Do I Need it in My Pocket?

Clever Key claims carrying a key ring around in your pocket can be bulky and also possibly jab you. Instead, Clever Key promises you can keep up to 12 keys in a small compact stack, minimizing the pocket bulge (and key jab ouch).

Clever Key looks kind of like a pocket knife, except it has your keys instead of a set of blades. It is said to be made from durable aircraft-grade aluminum and easy to assemble. They add it can hold USB drives, rewards cards and more and can be attached to larger fobs or lanyards.

To use Clever Key, they instruct you to lay your keys down on the sturdy metal base and then cover with the other side; with the turn of a few screws they insist your keys are now secure and ready to go. Then, slip it in your pocket or clutch, and they state it’s so small you’ll forget it’s there. When it’s time to unlock the door, they tell you to pull out your Clever Key and you’ll easily find the correct one without any fumbling. 

What Does Clever Key Cost to Buy from the Website?

Clever Key is sold as a “Buy One Get One” for $14.99 plus $7.99 shipping but the default checkout option to “upgrade” to add one Lighted Clever Key for an additional $14.99 and the shipping is free. Therefore:

  • Total for 2 Regular Clever Keys and 1 Lighted Clever Key: $29.98 ($14.99 plus $14.99 for Lighted Clever Key)
  • Total for 2 Regular Clever Keys: $21.98 ($14.99 plus $7.99 S&H)

There is a 30-day money back guarantee, minus the shipping fees and what it costs you to send them back. (We were told by customer service if you return the upgraded Clever Key package within 30 days you will get back the entire $29.98.)

Bottom Line: Is Clever Key a great way or organize your key ring or is it a scam?

Having a key ring jingling around in your pocket or purse can be annoying, so we appreciate the idea behind Clever Key. We also appreciate the full money back guarantee, albeit you have to purchase the upgrade to get it. Spark Innovators currently has an A- from the BBB due to a very small number of complaints (7 in the last 3 years as of June 2015).

Alternative Key Organizers to Clever Key

In spite of its name, Clever Key really isn’t that “clever” – we found a few noteworthy competitors.

First, there’s Key Smart, a similar product that comes in more styles, colors and starts at $19.98 for 2-4 keys; you can add up to 100 keys for additional fees. There’s also Orbitkey that starts at $7.98.

We’d also like to point out a listing of 40+ key holders compiled by a Scotsman named Mangus who says he is “obsessed” with them. Mangus goes through painstaking detail on every type of key holder you can think of (and even those you couldn’t). He even includes free DIY key holder guides on instructables as well as those on Kickstarter.

We hope we’ve helped you make an informed decision about Clever Key. Let us know your experience below!

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