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Clever Grip is a Scam

Feb 13, 2015 | | CA

This product is a scam to get your contact information and try to sell you other products - i.e. magazine subscriptions. I received numerous calls from them "congratulating" me on my purchase. Mind you these calls are coming to my home at 9:00 at night. Since I hadn't received the product for a month since I ordered it and never received an order confirmation from the vendor, I told the person I wanted to cancel my order. They refused saying they were only from the order confirmation department and I would have to talk to customer service. But he could not connect me to nor had the contact info for customer service. He then proceeded to try to sell me other products over the phone - it is now well past 9pm.

This is a sleaze ball hard sell marketing company. Stay away from them.. There are plenty of reputable companies out there selling similar phone holders. These guys are scum bags. The parent company is E. Mishan and Sons in New York City.

They either use your contact info directly or sell/give it to other companies to peddle other crap.

Waste of money

Feb 23, 2015 | | Newark, NJ

I spent a total of $30 to get this thing which weighs about 2 ounces.

First you have to take off your phone case unless you have a small phone. Then the rubber pin that goes into the vent is not long enough (I have a Camry) so it does not fit. The shipping and handling charge is also high -- $6.99 for something that weighs 2 ounces. Worst of all there is no number to return this junk that I can't use.

They are cheaters

Mar 3, 2015 | | Washington DC

They lie about the price, they claim $14.95, once I put my credit card, they charged me $29. No option to go back or cancel the order. They said Shipping and handling cost $14. I haven't received the item, but I already been offended. I send and receive items heavy and light, never ever paid more than $6. I just need my money back.

Do not buy from the company, try to buy from third party.

Be careful buying this stuff

Mar 9, 2015 | | Norcross, Ga

I seen the ad and was impressed when the they said it would fit all phones with cases. It did not. I also called just to get the Clever Grip buy one get one offer with paid S&H. I got charged for a Clever Dash that I did not want. I sent this order back and finally called when my card was not credited in 13 days. Then they did not refund the shipping cost. Issues all around with this outfit!

Clever Grip is a No-Show

Mar 23, 2015 | | Alabama

I ordered the Clever Grip about a month ago and still received no word on its shipment. Each time I went to customer service they said they could not find the order... Made the call and after a while on the phone finally got a real person - they saw where I had ordered it and received payment. It was not till then that they told me it was on back-order and did not know when I would receive it. Then asked if there was anything else they could help me with...really? I cancelled the order. I'm on the way to Brookstone to order a real one.

Beware, form of a scam.

Apr 12, 2015 | | Arkansas

As others have stated, it's not so much that the product is my deal but it's the scamming of all our personal information. We've had to change credit card info because things were coming out at random since we ordered these and it was not us, but all from same company. And phone calls began to come in, stating "congrats you won" or you ordered so and so, no I don't think so.

This thing is convenient, however it does take two hands. And having to pay shipping and handling twice is too much. Bottom line, this is a get rich quick scam product.

False Advertising

Jun 2, 2015 | | MA

The item that they showed in their advertisements is completely different than what I received. When I called, they claimed I received the newest version. The item does NOT swivel and it does not fit every vent.

Did not order

Jun 10, 2015 | |

I was considering ordering the clever grip. Filled out my information including credit card info. When they started offering upgrading to a bigger grip I decided to further research other products. I did not hit submit to purchase the clever grip. I was not sent an order confirmation or email. A couple of days later I got an email that my product was shipped. When I called Clever Grip they stated you do not have to hit submit to process the order. As soon as you enter your credit card you bought it. I was told not to open package and simply return via any mailbox. Tracking number shows item returned 10 days ago but Clever Grip states they have not received it and they can't do anything about it. I have filed a dispute with my credit card company. Total scam company! Do not even consider buying.

It is not distraction free

Jul 10, 2015 | | Blacksburg, VA

The TV ad is very misleading in its claims that it is distraction free and you don't take your eyes off the road as you drive. If you watch the head movement, eye movement and eyelid/lash blinks of the actors and in every case you can detect distraction off the straight ahead driving visual fixed. This device is not only unsafe, it promotes the myth that cell phones are safe to use when driving.

Not worth the money

Jul 12, 2015 | | Sebring, FL

The ad said "works with all smartphones including even those with bulky cases." Well, my phone case isn't even a bulky one and the Clever Grip did not hold the phone. The phone kept slipping out of the holder. The holder did not have enough depth within the clip area to get a good hold on the phone. Don't waste your money! Now I'm stuck trying to get my $14.95 back as they don't refund the shipping & handling fees. I paid over $25.00 for this crap.

Sending mine back as soon as I get it.

Aug 26, 2015 | | Thompson's Station, TN

They have sold my number. I am getting calls for things I have not ordered ($100 gas card for $1). I received three calls today. I have turned them into the NDNC. I am also calling my credit card company to stop payment and block them.

It may be a good product (or not), but I am not appreciative of my number being called.

Do not order.

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