ClearLane Mirror from Tristar Products is a side-view mirror you attach to the top of your existing mirrors that they promise will allow you to see more of what’s behind you and eliminate blind spots. They tout it takes just seconds to install and is fully adjustable to work with all mirrors, all models, and all drivers.

How ClearLane Mirror Works

ClearLane Mirror is a 6-inch wide convex mirror (meaning it bows outward) that they state clips on top of your ordinary side mirror. They claim it goes on in a snap without any extra tools and then adjusts with the push of a finger.

With ClearLane Mirror atop your regular side mirror, they insist you will have a more complete view of your car’s rear end without needing to move your head and eliminating the pesky blind spots that plague many a driver. They add that ClearLeane Mirror’s sturdy hardware will stand up to even the toughest car washes. 

ClearLane Mirror Costs:

$27.98 ($19.99 plus $7.99 S&H) for a set of 2 ClearLanes, one for each side mirror. However, the default option is “Buy 2 Get 2,” meaning you will get 4 ClearLane Mirrors but they will charge you an additional $7.99 in processing fees for the second pair – this makes the total $34.97. (If you just want one pair for one car, change the radio button to “No.”)

ClearLane Mirror comes with both a 60-day limited warranty (minus normal wear-and-tear) and a 60-day money back guarantee (minus shipping and handling fees). In addition, if your ClearLane Mirror needs repair or replacement, you must pay an additional $7.99 in fees. 

Bottom Line: Is ClearLane Mirror a “Clear” Choice?

Blind spots are a dangerous annoyance that affect nearly every driver, so it’s easy to see why a product like ClearLane Mirror is so appealing. We appreciate the 60-day warranty, but don’t dig the $7.99 fee to replace a defective product.

While ClearLane may indeed give you a better rear view, we should point out a couple of things. 

First of all, while these convex mirrors do give you more view, remember that they distort the depth: i.e.“objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.” Also, having 2 mirrors on each side of your car could take some getting used to.

Instead, why not just carefully adjust your existing side mirrors. According to, all car side mirrors have been carefully designed to eliminate blind spots – the reason you can’t see everything is because you have them adjusted wrong

You can quickly fix this problem: the key is to adjust your side mirrors to make sure you don’t see any of your own car in them. A more detailed set of instructions can be found on

Let us know your experience with ClearLane Mirror – did it help eliminate your blind spot or did you instead try our mirror-adjusting trick and save yourself some money?