Clear Control, sold by Telebrands are a pair of glasses with adjustable lenses that they claim let you change the focus for each eye separately. According to the infomercial, you just twist the dial on each side of the frame until you can see near or far, thus eliminating the need for expensive prescription glasses.

But are Clear Control really as handy and innovative as they promise? Let’s investigate more closely, shall we?

The Clear Control Pitch

Telebrands attempts to impress by saying Clear Control were developed and designed by optical specialists at Oxford, but provide no further information. They claim you will never have to search for your reading glasses again, but don’t mention that you could misplace these as well. The infomercial appears to show an eye chart coming into focus as the lens on a pair of Clear Control are adjusted. They say Clear Control will save you money on prescription glasses, especially if you need more than one pair.

How Clear Control Works

Clear Control basically look like regular glasses, albeit ones that aren’t very stylish and have dual lenses over each eye. To use Clear Control, they tell you to put them on and twist the knobs that adjust the outer lenses, until what you want to look at is in focus. They claim this lets you see objects close up as well as far away and each eye can be controlled separately. They add the lenses are scratch resistant and they are made from a high-quality plastic.

Clear Control Costs You:

$27.98 – broken down into $19.99 list price plus $7.99 shipping and handling. If you would like the Clear Control Sunglasses, you can add them for $9.99 more in fees during checkout.

Telebrands products all come with a “100% Satisfaction Guarantee” but this translates to the list price being returned but not the added fees. In addition, you must include in writing the reason why you are returning Clear Control or they could possibly nix your request. (All returns must also occur within 30 days.)

Bottom Line: Is Clear Control a Scam?

Clear Control may indeed allow you to adjust the vision of each eye, but we feel we should point out:

  • The only information we could find about adjustable lenses developed at Oxford was this article entitled Helping the Developing World to See. This talks about self-adjusted glasses developed by Josh Silver for people with vision problems in third world countries. These glasses are self-adjusted by the user but are only able to be set once, which is different from Clear Control as sold by Telebrands.
  • As Seen On TV products like Clear Control have a tendency to overstate their benefits and/or claims.
  • People who buy As Seen On TV products are often disappointed by them when they arrive.
  • Telebrands recently (as of Sept 2014) had their BBB accreditation removed and their rating dropped from an A- to an F due to 1762 complaints in the last 3 years about products, billing, advertising, and customer service.

Clear Control is a new product but it will eventually be available at big box retailers like Amazon, Wal-Mart, etc. We suggest if you are interested in them to perhaps wait until then because these companies will offer it at a lower price and have better customer service.

What do you think? Did you buy Clear Control and were they as great for seeing as they promised or did you feel ripped off? Let us know below!