Cleanse EFX is a supplement that promises if you take it you will flush away the pounds and detox naturally. They state if you are suffering from maladies such as fatigue, constant hunger, mood swings, cellulite, or constipation, Cleanse EFX is the “go to” solution that will make you feel AND look your best. 

The Cleanse EFX Pitch

Cleanse EFX uses the allure of “detox” along with the promise of weight loss with a product they claim is natural and backed by science. They use pictures of skinny women in bikinis juxtaposed with a few women in lab coats; but remember these are just stock photographs and not pictures of people who actually use or endorse their products.

Then, they attempt to scare you by saying there are parasites in your colon and that mucus buildup can block absorption of nutrients, leading to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), constipation, bloating, and weight gain. They insist that if you take Cleanse EFX it will burn carbs faster, allowing you to metabolize fats more efficiently, and “flush” out toxins. However, Edzard Ernst, M.D., Ph.D., at Peninsula Medical School in Exeter was quoted as saying: “The notion that you can and should flush out your arteries or your intestines may seem plausible, but it's not.” 

The Cleanse EFX Trial Offer

To further tempt you to try Cleanse EFX they offer a 14-day trial (note that the word “free” is not used) with a LOT of fine print. First, and perhaps most crucially: the 14 days starts on the date you ordered, not when you received it. Since shipping of these products is usually delayed (Cleanse EFX states that it should arrive within 5-7 days but don’t guarantee it) this gives you a very short window of time to cancel/return it.

If you do not cancel within that tiny window of time, they will charge you £94.99 for the bottle and enroll you in an auto-ship program, sending you more Cleanse EFX every 30 days and charging you £89.99 plus £4.95 S&H until you call 0808-169-2023 to cancel.

You are also subscribed to their Insider Health Secrets Newsletter, billed 29 pence per issue, and you must call a different number 0808-169-2022 to cancel. 

They also state “we cannot issue refunds for Cleanse EFX orders purchased from our auto-ship or Lifestyles Program.”

Bottom Line: Is Cleanse EFX a Scam?

Cleanse EFX may promise to cleanse your insides, but it appears they are more interested in cleaning out your wallet. Once they get your credit card number, it may be very difficult if not impossible to get your money back.

In terms of the concept of detoxification, an article in the Guardian summed it up best: You Can’t Detoxify Your Body. It’s a Myth.  “The healthy body has kidneys, a liver, skin, even lungs that are detoxifying as we speak,” Dr. Ernst was quoted as saying. 

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