Clean Reach bills itself as a scrub brush with an easy reach handle that’s perfect for cleaning your entire house from floor to ceiling. They tout Clean Reach comes with an ergonomic handle and reversible heads that offer scrubbing and sponging that makes cleanup a breeze.

How Clean Reach Works

Clean Reach is a plastic turquoise and blue handle that measures 15 ½ inches long in standard mode and has a triangle-shaped base for the sponge attachment; there was no information available as to how far Clean Reach extends from there. To use Clean Reach, they instruct you to choose either the scrub side or the poly soft side and extend the pole to the length desired.

If you use the scrub side, they claim the soft edge of the sponge will allow you to clean corners as you scrub, letting you do 2 cleaning jobs at once. If you turn it over and use the soft side, you can clean mirrors, windows or other delicate surfaces and leave no scratches. Either way, they promise you won’t have to bend over or be exposed to chemicals and the cleaning job will be done more quickly and easier than ever.

Clean Reach Cost:

Clean Reach lists the price as $10 plus S&H for one handle and 3 angled scrubbing pads but the small print reveals this number to be $7.95 making the real total $17.95. Plus, the default is buy one get one for an additional $1.95 for a total of $19.90 – if you don’t want the second set you need to un-check the box.

Clean Reach is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee minus the S&H and what it costs for you to send back.

Bottom Line: Is Clean Reach a Cool Tool?

Getting on your hands and knees (or standing on a ladder) to scrub surfaces is a huge pain, so it’s easy to understand the appeal of Clean Reach. We couldn’t find any reviews of Clean Reach but there are some things we can tell you.

First, remember that it’s not just $10 and that the shipping fees almost double the price (even though you do get a second one for $1.95). Second, it’s not clear how long the handle extends so we don’t know how far you can really reach with Clean Reach.

We did a little searching for similar products and found Mr. Clean Magic Reach, which retails on Amazon for $21.10 – it extends 43 inches. While it averages 4 stars from 126 reviews, one of the reviews deemed most helpful says because its scrubbing pad head is removable it’s not good for deep cleaning jobs. Clean Reach also has removable scrubbing heads so we wonder if users will come to a similar conclusion.

We also found a High Reach Cleaning Kit that extends 10 feet and comes with a duster, squeegee, and scrubber, retailing for $31.99. They state it can also be used on floors.

What we’re trying to say is that Clean Reach isn’t the only extended cleaning tool on the market. We suggest you check out these other options as well as searching for others before making a decision.

Let us know your experience with Clean Reach below!

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