Chop N Twist is an elevated cutting board with a rotating cutting surface that the makers promise will let you slice up foods more quickly. It also comes with a set of graters and storage containers that they say will save space and allow you to create meals without a huge mess.

How Chop N Twist Works

Chop N Twist is a cutting board of unknown dimensions (A call to a customer service representative was unable to provide more details.) It has a round hole on one end of the board; the compartment beneath fits (2) 1-quart storage containers.

To use Chop N Twist you can either place the round plastic cutting surface over the hole – this then acts as a “Lazy Susan” meaning instead of rotating your knife or the board, you push the circle to chop your food at different angles. Or, you can put one of the assorted graters over the hole and a storage container underneath. They claim this allows you to grate your cheeses and fruits and the container will catch them below.

Chop N Twist Costs…

$27.94 – this includes the board, 2 containers, 1 course grater, and 1 micro grater. This is “chopped” into a more palatable sticker price of $19.99 plus $7.95 P&H. Also, if you want the wavy blade and straight blade attachments, add another $4.95 in P&H.

You can try Chop N Twist for 30 days and if you don’t find it as easy or convenient as they promise, you can return it but a) you won’t get any of the P&H back and b) you’ve got to pay the return shipping fees.

Bottom Line: Is Chop N Twist a Scam?

Chop N Twist may live up to all its claims on the infomercial, meaning you can use it to chop, grate, and store food. But is it really adding that much convenience, especially for the nearly $30 price?

First, we don’t know how big the cutting surface is. Second, the rotating circle still has to be moved by hand as you chop, so you’d better be careful you don’t slice a finger. Third, is it really that difficult for you to either rotate an entire cutting board, or, gosh forbid, turn your knife 45 degrees?

Let us also point out that there is no company information as to who makes this product, so we can’t look them up on the BBB website. This may not be a deal breaker in and of itself, but according to their Privacy Policy page this unknown company wants to use, keep, and sell your personal information to solicit you via telephone, email, or snail mail.

Also, you might want to look in your cupboard – do you already have a cutting board? How about one of those square cheese graters? Do you also have some 1-quart containers with lids? Chances are then you don’t need to add Chop N Twist to your collection.

If you still decide this is a product for you, you might want to visit their Privacy Policy page and opt-out of all future solicitations by emailing them and visiting their unsubscribe page.

Let us know what you think – did you purchase Chop N Twist and did it save you time in the kitchen of do you feel you poured your money down the DRAIN?