Chef Cradle is a specially-designed oven rack that the folks who sell it claim makes it easy to roast, plate, and serve your favorite meats without a struggle. Chef Cradle is said to fit any pan and keep your meats elevated so fat will drain away; when it’s time to serve, release the pin and they promise your bird or roast will plop squarely on the plate, ready to serve. 

How Chef Cradle Works

Chef Cradle is a u-shaped wire rack that has a non-stick coating. Instead of using a regular rack or laying flat in a pan, place the meat of choice inside the Chef Cradle. Then, roast away; they tout the fats will drip away, making the meal healthier for you.

Next, to serve, grab by the handles (don’t forget the oven mitts!) and move from oven to serving plate. Pull the center pin, and, voila! Your meat drops on the plate and is ready to be served to your hungry family or guests. When finished with Chef Cradle, they promise it’s easily washed in the dishwasher and collapses to less than the size of a cookbook for storage.

Chef Cradle Cost:

$25.98 for 2 Chef Cradles. This is because even though they claim it’s just $10, they tack on $7.99 in shipping and handling once, and then again for the supposedly free Chef Cradle.

Chef Cradle comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, but that means only your initial $10 back and not the $15.98 in charges. (You also have to pay to ship your Chef Cradles back.)

Bottom Line: Is Chef Cradle a Good Idea?

Chef Cradle may indeed help you go from oven to serving tray in one swift motion, as the infomercial promises. We just want to remind you that for this luxury, you will be paying $25.98, not the $10 as advertised.

In addition, if you do purchase Chef Cradle, you may receive phone calls, advertisements in the mail, and/or emails from the company trying to sell you other products or services. They may also give your information to third parties to do the same. How can they do this? Because their privacy policy gives them permission to do so. In order to opt-out you need visit their privacy policy page and click the appropriate links. 

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