Cerebria from NSS Labs is a smart pill that promises to be the secret of successful people and will unlock 100% of your brain’s potential within 30 minutes. Cerebria claims its formula of nootropics is the safest and most effective way to increase energy, focus, memory recall and overall brain power.

What is a nootropic?

Nootropics is a fancy way of saying “smart drug” – it’s a term coined by Dr. Corneliu Girgea for a chemical that interacts with the human brain to enhance cognition, memory, and/or disrupt bad behaviors with minimal side effects and no “high” like LSD or marijuana.

Since Dr. Girgea created piracetam there has been a host of other chemicals both natural and man-made that have been touted as the latest and greatest nootropic. Recently, nootropics have been all the rage in Silicon Valley as CEOs and others gobble them up to try to keep their competitive edge (but often end up with diarrhea).

But do nootropics really work? The answer is unclear. ABC News reported that in spite of the number of years of research, most evidence is from small-scale trials in test tubes or laboratory rats, and very few – if any – tests of specific products (like Cerebria) have been done and their long-term effects are not known. Quite frankly, science doesn't yet understand how the human brain works and our understanding of how (and if) nootropics work is just as foggy.

What’s in Cerebria that makes it such a great nootropic?

In spite of the lack of conclusive evidence, Cerebria promises their special blend of nootropics is superior to others in the marketplace. Although they list the ingredients, they don’t indicate the amount of any one substance.

They are:


They claim it helps your brain create neurotransmitters to promote mental alertness. There is some preliminary research indicating that L-tyrosene helps with mental alertness under stressful conditions, but researchers caution this has little use outside of the military and its long-term effects are not known. 

Tyrosine side effects: Joint pain, headache, nausea, dizziness, fatigue.


Said to be an inhibitor that prevents over-excitement and improves concentration. There is a study of 13 people that appeared to show taking GABA reduced anxiety, but WebMD notes there is still insufficient evidence it really works.

GABA side effects: Unknown

Bacopa Monneri:

They state it increases blood flow and cognitive function at the same time. While there has been some evidence in animal studies it enhances memory and learning, there is mixed evidence it works to help humans with cognitive decline. One double blind study showed no enhanced cognitive benefits for a group of adults taking 300 mg.

Bacopa Side Effects: Cramps, fatigue, increased bowel movements, dry mouth.

Alpha GPC:

Said to help proper functioning of neurotransmission. Alpha GPC is found in human breast milk as well in our brains, and preliminary research shows it may help people with dementia or cerebral stroke. However, there is no evidence it helps an otherwise healthy adult.

Alpha GPC Side Effects: Confusion, excitation, dizziness, insomnia.


They claim it helps the brain improve its use of glucose, increasing energy. So far, there is insufficient evidence it helps a healthy brain work better. 

Vinpocetine Side Effects: Weak immune system, nausea, headache

Huperzine A:

They state it inhibits acetylcholinesterase, which breaks down acetylcholine. Huperzine A has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years (it’s derived from a Chinese moss) that may prevent Alzheimer’s. But as the Mayo Clinic notes, these studies have all been short term and there is no evidence it helps enhance a healthy brain.

Huperzine A Side Effects: Diarrhea, nausea, strange dreams, depression


There is a small amount of evidence some of these ingredients may help with certain forms of dementia, but no evidence it will supercharge your brain. The long-term effects of taking these supplements are not known and the side effects may leave you feeling queasy or give you nightmares.

What is the cost per bottle of Cerebria?

  • 1 bottle Cerebria = $72.94 ($59.95 plus $12.99 shipping)
  • 3 bottles Cerebria = $119.91 (free shipping)
  • 5 bottles Cerebria = $149.85 (free shipping)

Cerebria Refund Information

Cererbria Customer service: (888) 884-1744.

Cerebria states in their Terms and Conditions that there is a 30-day money back guarantee, minus shipping. However, the link to the Money Back Guarantee page on the website wasn’t working when we tried it. We called the customer service number provided and the person answering said they had no information and would call us back (we’re still waiting for a return call).

We also looked up the NSS Labs address listed on the website as 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU and found it to be a virtual office

Bottom Line: Is it a smart idea to buy Cerebria?

Generally speaking, buying a smart drug is a gamble. Not only is there not much evidence that they work as promised, you could also have side effects. In addition, since this is a supplement not regulated by the FDA, there is no guarantee what they say you are getting is actually what’s in the bottle. (We recommend only buying supplements that have the seal of an independent lab, like US Pharmacopeia.)

In addition, let us remind you that NSS Labs is actually a virtual office location and not a real lab and that customer service had no refund information available when we called them. Because of all this, we do not recommend buying Cerebria.

How to learn more about nootropics

If the idea of Cerebria and nootropics intrigues you, we suggest reading our Smart Guide to buying Smart Drugs as a start. For a deeper dive, you should explore the subreddit called A Beginner’s Guide to Nootropics, which includes extensive information on a variety of compounds and formulas, as well as comments from those who have tried them.

And let us know your experience with Cerebria below!