Catch Caddy is a flexible organizer that promises you won’t lose any more items like cell phones or keys to the “black hole” in your car next to the front seats. They say you won’t be distracted while driving again (at least not from a dropped phone.)

Catch Caddy is sold by Allstar Products Group who say they specialize in building “meaningful” brands through direct response. They are not accredited by the BBB but currently have an A- rating due to the prompt resolution of the 375 complaints against their products (as of July 2014) in the last 3 years.

The Catch Caddy Pitch

Catch Caddy is targeted at adult drivers who sometimes drop things while they are driving and it slides out of reach between the seat and the transmission (aka “everyone.”) Catch Caddy says this plastic pocket will solve that problem.

How Catch Caddy Works

Catch Caddy is made from plastic so they say it’s washable and durable. They tout it “installs” in seconds, which means you place it between your seat and the center divider (it uses no screws, adhesives, or bolts). Then they say any small item like makeup or a phone can either be caught before it disappears in the crack or placed there for safekeeping while driving. They add you can use it to store maps and other items keeping them easily within reach.

Catch Caddy Costs:

$22.90 for 4 Catch Caddys (broken down as $10 plus $7.95 P&H for 2 and then a “bonus” set for an additional $4.95). They also say with your order you will receive a free “mystery gift.” You have 30 days to try, minus the P&H and return shipping if you send it back (which BTW totals more than the $10 the product itself costs.)

Our Review and Observation: Should You Buy Catch Caddy?

There is no reason to believe this product won’t “work” as advertised because it’s basically a long, envelope-shaped plastic container and it is a pain when things slip into the void in your car. The question you must ask yourself is “is it worth $22.90 for 4 of them?” You might also want to consider that if you do purchase Catch Caddy that you open yourself up to solicitations from Allstar Products as well as “trusted” third parties via email, snail mail, and telephone. (Read all the juicy details on their Privacy Policy page). So technically, the potential issues will not be within the product itself but with the entailed solitcation and shipping charges. As a friendly suggestion, you may want to try getting the Catch Caddy at your local store as chances are it will be there.

What do you think? Did you order Catch Caddy and are happy or angry with your decision? Let us know in your review below.