Car Bar from Telebrands isn’t a gadget that lets you drink and drive – it’s a portable handle they state fits in any door handle, allowing you to get in and out of your car with ease. They insist Car Bar is lightweight, durable, and is great for getting into or out of higher cars like SUVs or lower ones, especially for the elderly or disabled.

How does Car Bar work to help me get into my car?

Car Bar looks something like a bicycle grip; they state it is made from super-strong forged aluminum and has a soft no-slip grip. At its end coming out at a 90-degree angle is a tab that they claim fits in any door strike (aka the part where the lock latches in the car door jamb).

To use Car Bar, they instruct you to store in a glove compartment or door pocket, where it is easily accessible. Then, when you or your elderly or disabled passenger are trying to get into the car, they instruct you to place the Car Bar tab into the door strike. They state Car Bar will instantly lock into place, giving you a handle to lean on that can support up to 300 lbs.

Car Bar exclaims it’s great for people with arthritis or back problems as well as making sure you don’t slip in the snow or rain. As an added bonus, they state every Car Bar order is “upgraded” to include a powerful LED flashlight that also has an emergency flashing signal (battery and luminosity information was not available).

How much are they charging for Car Bar portable car door handle?

Car Bar sells in the infomercial and online for $19.99 plus $7.99 S&H for a total of $27.98. At the time of your order, you can add another Car Bar for an additional $7.99 in fees.

Does Car Bar have any guarantee?

Yes. Car Bar states there is a Lifetime Guarantee and if it doesn’t help making getting in and out of the car easier they will give you a full refund. However, the fine print notes that this does not include any of the shipping fees and what it costs to send back.

This guarantee is different from Telebrands’ standard 30-day money back guarantee, which also requires a written, detailed explanation as to why you are returning it or they could refuse your request. We contacted Telebrands customer service at 1-855-668-1655 and they had no further information on Car Bar or its guarantee.

Bottom Line: Is Car Bar a handy way to assist me with entering and exiting any vehicle?

Getting in and out of cars, especially those giant SUVs or tiny Fiats, can be challenging, especially if you are older or have any kind of disability. Car Bar is a good idea for a helping hand, but it’s hardly the first portable car handle in the market.

We took a look at the Car Cane, which received both positive and negative reviews, with the biggest complaint being that it doesn’t fit in pin latches common in SUVs. Whether Car Bar addresses these issues is not known.

Alternatives to Car Bar include the HandyBar, which has a seat belt cutter and is made of metal (holds up to 350 lbs.) and Able Life, which has a hidden key compartment.

If you are interested in Car Bar, we’ll give you a little tip: look for it at your favorite local retailer (Target, Walgreens, etc.) where they won’t charge you any shipping fees and if you do need to return it because it doesn’t work you don’t need to write out any lengthy explanation.

Let us know your experience with Car Bar below – was it a helping hand or did it let you down?

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