Callus Magic is a lotion you apply to your feet the manufacturers claim will make rough skin on your feet vanish in minutes. They say the “nano-spheres” penetrate deeply to loosen dead skin. They state the “dermabrasion beads” will gently exfoliate and it is feels much better than painful scraping tools.

But is this callus cream really as “magic” as they promise it is? Let’s investigate further…

The Callus Magic Pitch

This product is targeted at women with feet, specifically dry ones, who are perhaps afraid of or don’t like the idea using scraping tools. They attempt to scare you by showing women reacting in pain when using a regular foot scraper and they highlight the area with a big red circle. They say there is no painful cutting or scraping with Callus Magic and claim it has a “triple action” formula to make your feet silky smooth without going into any real detail.

How Callus Magic Works

Callus Magic comes in a “fast acting super concentrated” gel in a 20 oz. bottle. They state it has “nano-spheres” (read: tiny beads) that use “dermabrasion” (read: rub against skin) to remove dead flakes. They add it penetrates deeply and quickly breaks down stubborn calluses. However, they do not specifically explain how it does this or list the ingredients, except to say that they are natural and acid free.

Callus Magic Costs… WHAT?

$25.90 for (2) 20 oz. bottles. This is presented to you as $10 purchase price plus $7.95 shipping and handling. BUT they also say they give you another bottle “free” but slyly add another $7.95 in fees.

We should also mention these fees are non-refundable even if you return your bottles within the 30-day period. That means they will keep $15.90 and return only $10 and you also have to pay postage to ship Callus Magic back.

Bottom Line: Is Callus Magic a Scam?

The gel formula in Callus Magic may indeed soften your feet; however, keep in mind:

  • They don’t list the specific ingredients.
  • The shipping and handling fees are more than the product itself.
  • There is no information about who sells Callus Magic.
  • As Seen On TV products generally tend to disappoint consumers.

If you are having problems with calluses and don’t like the idea of scraping your feet, let us suggest you look for a company/product that is more forthcoming with information and doesn’t charge you an arm and a foot to ship it.

What do you think of Callus Magic? Let us know below!