Buzz Off from Telebrands boasts it’s a portable electronic insect trap that’s chemical free and works immediately to get rid of bugs in all types of weather. Buzz Off states it contains titanium dioxide, which mimics human scent and attracts the pesky bugs, sucking them in and leading to their doom.

How does Buzz Off work to attract and kill bugs?

Buzz Off is said to be an electronic device and looks like a small lantern; there is no battery or size information available but each Buzz Off unit is said to work in a ½ acre radius. To use Buzz Off, they instruct you to take it with you when camping, fishing, or spending any time outdoors where there are a lot of bugs.

Then, turn Buzz Off on. They state that the LED UV light combined with titanium dioxide attracts the insects and then the Vac X fan sucks them in and destroys them. (Mwhahahaha!)

Buzz Off claims it is guaranteed to destroy mosquitos, wasps, flies, bees, and more.

Is titanium oxide safe?

Buzz Off is said to contain titanium dioxide, which they claim mimics the scent of humans and attracts bugs. Titanium dioxide is a naturally occurring chemical and is used as a whitener in paints, plastic, and paper as well as a food coloring and even in sunscreen. Titanium dioxide dust, however, has been classified as a possible carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer because laboratory rats exposed to high concentrations developed respiratory cancer. While this has not yet been reproduced in human studies, the IARC puts out this caution specifically for workers exposed to high levels of titanium oxide dust that they might inhale.

However, most experts feel that titanium oxide, whether placed on the skin or in food is safe and the small amount of it included in Buzz Off is unlikely to do you any harm. (To be on the safe side, it is not recommended you inhale deeply with your face next to Buzz Off.)

What does Buzz Off cost?

Buzz Off retails for $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping and handling for a total of $27.98. At the time of your initial order you may add another Buzz Off bug killer for $9.99 more in fees.

Buzz Off customer service: (855) 668-1655.

Telebrands offers a 30-day money back guarantee for Buzz Off but this is minus any shipping and handling fees and what it costs you to send it back. In order for your return to be accepted you must also include a “detailed” explanation as to why you are returning Buzz Off or it could be refused.

Bottom Line: Is Buzz Off a good way to kill mosquitos and other bugs?

Nobody likes being bitten by bugs, and the portability of Buzz Off seems to be appealing. We couldn’t find any reviews of Buzz Off as the product is still new. We did find a very similar product called Dynatrap, a portable device which uses UV/titanium/suction to lure, trap, and kill insects. Dynatrap has a 3-star average on Amazon from over 260 reviews.

Even the positive reviews of Dynatrap say it’s good for getting rid of many bugs but not mosquitos, a bug many people want to kill. In addition, some note that the trap doesn’t always kill the bugs, so they often escape again when cleaning it out. It should be noted that Dyantrap is powered by a 110 volt plug and Buzz Off runs on batteries. While this may make Buzz Off more portable, it is unknown what kind of batteries it need or how long they will last.

Conclusion: Buzz Off may be good for certain flying insects, but probably not mosquitos. Because it is an “As Seen On TV” product, it may work better on the commercial than in real life.

Let us know your experience with Buzz Off below!

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