Burnie Grill is a portable wood stove/grill that the sellers say gives you a fire that lasts up to 2.5 hours wherever you want one. They claim all you need to do is unwrap Burnie Grill, light the wick, and boom! You will enjoy a campfire using no chemicals and that has no waste or cleanup.

How Burnie Grill Works

Burnie Grill comes in medium or large, which weighs 3 lbs and 5 lbs respectively. It’s essentially a section of round alder wood, hollow in the center, filled with alder charcoals and a wick. To use Bernie Grill, place in a safe area where outdoor fires are allowed and light the wick.

They promise the medium Burnie Grill will burn 1.5 hours and the large 2.5 hours and because it’s made entirely of wood, when the fire is done, there is no need to worry about cleaning it up. They state Burnie Grill is great for hikers, campers, or tailgaters and the smoky alder wood fire will let you cook delicious foods like fish, kabobs,or s’mores to perfection.

Burnie Grill Cost:

A medium Bernie Grill lists as $12.95 and a large $14.95, but since this is a big hunk of wood, the expensive part is the shipping: $22.06 for the large and $19.67 for the medium, both sent via UPS Ground.

However, to lessen the burden, they have a coupon code making the total $29.90 for 2 large Burnie Grills and $25.90 for the medium, which includes the shipping fees. (Code: FREESHIP)

Burnie Grill has a 30-day refund policy for new, unopened items minus any shipping fees and what it costs you to ship back. They will pay the return shipping costs for any incorrect or defective items. 

Bottom Line: Is Burnie Grill a “Hot” Idea?

Having a roaring campfire is always a great way to end a day in the great outdoors. Burnie Grill makes a noble attempt to end some of the hassles, e.g. gathering wood, using lighter fluid, and cleaning up afterwards.

The main issue of course is the shipping fees, which can get expensive for just one chunk of wood. For now at least, Burnie Grill is offering to ship it for free if you buy two, making it even cheaper than buying one. But because it’s shipped UPS Ground, you may want to order several weeks before your planned outdoor adventure.

Or, if you are the DIY type and have a tree trunk and a chainsaw, you can try making your own Burnie Grill, which is essentially a fancier version of a Finnish Candle Stove by following these instructions

Let us know your experience with Burnie Grill – did you get a roaring fire or do you feel you got BURNED?