Buffies are a set of caps for your furniture legs that the manufacturers promise will prevent them from making damaging scratches across your floors. They state Buffies stretch to fit almost any leg, are invisible, and will both protect your floors and allow you to move furniture around with ease.

What Are Buffies?

Buffies appear to be a round, plastic disc that are attached to the base of a silicone cup about the size of a standard chair leg. To use Buffies, they instruct you to put them on your chair, table, appliance, or furniture legs by stretching the silicone and placing them on almost like a shoe. They tout Buffies will go on in seconds and require no nails or glues.

They state Buffies instantly protects both your floors and your furniture and add because the silicone is clear it will still look great. They promise Buffies stretches to fit almost any leg, can be used indoors and out, and can slide from carpet, wood, or tile with ease.

Who Needs Buffies?

Buffies is targeted at people who perhaps have older furniture and newer floors and are fearful of damaging them. The marketers claim that the felt discs that come with most furniture pieces wear out or come off with heavy use and warn you could damage your floors if you are not careful. 

How Much Do Buffies Cost?

Buffies sell their product using a “Buy One Get One Free” Offer, which they state is only $10. But once you take a look at the fine print it is revealed that the cost is $10 plus $7.95 processing and handing for the first set of 8 and the supposedly free second set of 8 costs another $1.95 in P&H. The total for 2 sets (16 total) is $19.90. The second set is optional, but if you don’t want it you have to switch the radio button to “No” – this will remove the $1.95 and make the cost $17.95 for 8.

Buffies comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, minus processing and handling fees, which would be $7.95 or $9.90 depending upon what you ordered.

Bottom Line: Are Buffies a Great Way to Prevent Scratches?

Nobody likes scuffed floors so we do understand why you may be interested in Buffies. We couldn’t find any information as to who makes the product and when we called the customer service number 888-561-6830 in June of 2015 the recorded message alerted us that it was on back order and credit cards have not been charged. Therefore, if you are interested in ordering we strongly suggest calling first and making sure they have enough in stock.

What Are Floor Protecting Options Besides Buffies?

If you called the above number and found it is still on back order and you don’t want to wait for it to be shipped, there are some other options. There is another similar product called Furniture Feet that offers 32 feet for $23.98 and comes in sizes both small and large. You can also check Home Depot’s selection of caps and tips for furniture. 

If you aren’t satisfied with the idea of capping furniture feet with little silicone shoes, you might also want to look at a site called All Glides. This company claims to have been in business since 1977 and offer a variety of different types of glides, including felt, metal swivel glides, plastic glides and more for schools, homes, or offices. Some of these attach in a similar way to Buffies, some are driven into the base with a nail, and some simply stick to the base with an adhesive.

What Type of Glide Do I Really Need?

According to Bona, a company that makes hardwood floors, floor type matters when selecting a glide. So if you are protecting a wood or tile floor, they recommend felt and rubber (although they warn rubber could leave scuff marks). If you are protecting carpet, the suggest steel or plastic caps, and for softer floors, felt, rubber, or plastic work best.


Buffies attempts to be a one-size-fits all solution for preventing floor damage but you may want to consider what type of floor you are protecting. Check the existing pads on your furniture (yes it should come with them) and note which ones need to be replaced. Then, shop and compare!

And let us know your experience with Buffies below!