Breathe Active is a set of rubber Os you stick up your nose that promise to eliminate snoring. They state Breathe Active is comfortable to wear and will gently expand your nasal passages resulting in a 70% increase in intake. Breathe Active says this means a more peaceful night’s rest for you and your bed partner.

How Breathe Active Works

Breathe Active are a pair of round pieces of silicone joined by a plastic thread that they state is a Class 1 Medical Device. To use Breathe Active, they instruct you to place the Os in your nose and don’t break the plastic thread. They promise Breathe Active will expand your nasal passageway, which they claim allows for a 70% increase in air intake and that it works 38% better than nasal strips; however they don’t say where they came up with these numbers.

They add Breathe Right is easily portable and disposable. If you have allergy problems, they tout Breathe Active Allergy which can be worn discretely all day and traps 95% of allergens (but again they don’t’ disclose the source of this information).

Breathe Active Cost:

Breathe Active is only available from the website as a “double offer,” so even though they say it’s $14.95 for a set of 15, they charge you $13.90 in fees and give you two sets. In other words, it’s $28.85 for 30, or just less than $1 each.

There was no return policy listed on the Breathe Active website; we called customer service at (781) 763-7333 and left a message.

Bottom Line: Will Breathe Active Stop My Snoring?

Snoring is said to affect one third of people over 40, and it’s the other 2/3 that complain about it. Therefore, we can see why products like Breathe Right can be so tempting.

While we couldn’t find any specific customer reviews for Breathe Right, we would like to point out a few things to see if this product is right for you. First of all, do you snore through your nose? If so, products like Breathe Right do tend to help open the passageway and allow more air intake. However, as one reviewer noted, having a couple of Os in your nose can prove distracting. 

And while some people snore due to a narrow nasal passageway, the relaxation of the tongue and vibration of the soft palate is also a major contributor to the Zzzzs. If you snore through your mouth, Breathe Active will not help at all.

We’re not so crazy about the fact that there’s no return policy or live customer service operator for Breathe Active and the voice message says their product ships in 4-6 weeks.

Instead, perhaps you can use those 45 days to try some other snoring remedies as outlined in this article from WebMD (cheat sheet: avoid alcohol before bed, lose weight, sleep on side, stop smoking).

IMPORTANT: You should also make sure snoring is not caused by sleep apnea, a dangerous condition where you stop breathing periodically during the night. If so, you may need a special breathing device. Talk to your doctor for more info.

Let us know if Breathe Active helped with your snoring!