BrainAmmo is a nootropic from Life Essentials that claims to prevent cognitive decline, giving you clarity and focus as well as put you in a better mood and improve your overall health. BrainAmmo touts all-natural ingredients widely respected for their ability to improve your brain, and promise it will give you more energy, better concentration, and more motivation all day long.

What exactly is a nootropic and how is it supposed to work to boost my brain?

A nootropic is a natural or man-made chemical that has been formulated specifically to improve memory or increase overall brain function. The word comes from the Greek “noos” for “mind” and “tropein” for “bend”; however, nootropics do not have psychedelic qualities like LSD or marijuana.

The term nootropic was coined in the 1970s by Corneliu E. Giurgea who created the first one, called Piracetam. Understandably, there is a lot of interest in these types of ingredients that can possibly prevent cognitive decline and/or boost mental power.

But because we know relatively little about how the human brain works, including our memory and intelligence, it is not clear how any nootropic supplement interacts with it to boost our performance. Most studies of nootropics have been done in test tubes, on lab rats, or very small scale human studies using tests that may not be applicable in everyday life. A study by Cochrane Review of published evidence of Piracetam, for example, concluded that there still is not enough evidence it can help people with cognitive impairment.

Still, millions of people, including Silicon Valley CEOs trying to gain a competitive edge, take brain supplements. While many extol their benefits, others complain they do nothing or worse: give them jitters, nausea, or diarrhea.

What is in BrainAmmo that they claim makes it so great for my brain?

The makers of BrainAmmo state it contains a phosphatidylserine complex that helps with efficient functioning of the brain cells. Phosphatidylserine (we challenge you to say it 10 times fast) is an important component of cell membranes, especially in our brains.

There was a lot of hype for phosphatidylserine supplements because some small human studies showed that it did help improve cognitive abilities in people with impaired brain function; however, these improvements were only temporary and only in people with very mild symptoms. In addition, phosphatidylserine studies were conducted using supplements that were made from cow brains; nowadays, it is derived from cabbage or soy products, which have not yet been shown to have the same benefit.

After reviewing the evidence, the FDA has stated “there is not significant scientific agreement among qualified experts that a relationship exists between phosphatidylserine and reduced risk of dementia or cognitive dysfunction.”

How much do they charge me for a bottle of BrainAmmo nootropic supplement?

BrainAmmo claims that supplies are very limited but they’ll offer you a discounted bottle only until midnight – the reality is this is a marketing gimmick to get you to buy it and there is likely plenty of BrainAmmo on hand (and everybody gets the same “discount” price no matter when they buy it).

  • 4 bottles BrainAmmo = $199.80 (this is the default order)
  • 2 bottles BrainAmmo = $119.90
  • 1 bottle BrainAmmo = $69.95

BrainAmmo supplement orders are all subject to a $6.95 shipping fee – unless you try to leave the order page and then they’ll knock it down to $3.47.

But if you try to leave AGAIN, they’ll give you a “Trial Offer” of BrainAmmo for free shipping.

However, in reality this doesn’t save you very much money as this discount applies only to a 4-bottle order.

Is there a money back guarantee for BrainAmmo?

On the BrainAmmo website, they state there is a 60-day money back guarantee starting from the date of receipt, even if the bottles are returned empty. But when we spoke to a customer service representative, they told us there was a 90-day guarantee, starting from the date of order. The representative further explained that you must try BrainAmmo for the full 90 days and if you do not like it, they will refund the money, minus any shipping charges.

The BrainAmmo rep went on to say that if you did not use the product for the full 90 days, only unopened bottles could be returned for a refund.

BrainAmmo customer service can be reached by calling 855-580-6655.

Bottom Line: BrainAmmo is an untested, unproven, expensive nootropic you should AVOID

BrainAmmo is yet another so-called “smart drug” that boasts it will boost your brain power that offers no proof of its effectiveness. In fact, we have yet to review a nootropic that lives up to the hype, and consumers that have tried them generally agree.

In addition, BrainAmmo’s refund policy is contradictory and confusing, leading us to believe that you will have difficulty getting your money back if it doesn’t work as they say it does.

In addition, the website is full of grammatical errors – to wit: “Less able to perform mentally” is not proper English.

In addition, elsewhere on the site they state: “BrainAmmo is a new supplement that has become almost impossible to find due to it’s superior cognitive thinking properties.”

[“It’s” should be “its”, there should be a comma after “find”, and “cognitive thinking properties” makes no sense.]

If BrainAmmo can’t proofread their own website, can you take the claims of their product seriously? We think NOT.

If you are interested in learning the “smart” way to buy smart drugs, read this article, which includes the most important symbol you should look for on ANY supplement you buy.

And let us know your experience with BrainAmmo – did it improve your “cognitive thinking properties” or were you “less able to perform mentally”? We’d love to hear about it!