Billed as the fun, fast, and easy way to shape and lift your derriere, the Booty Max exercise device promises to deliver a full range of muscle motions that maximize calorie burn.

All you have to do is stand on Booty Max’s padded deck, wrap the padded cuff around your ankle, and start kicking using one of seven highly targeted resistance moves: kickback, hamstring curl, outer thigh, diagonal kickback, inner thigh, squat, or calf raise.

While you’re kicking, Booty Max’s built-in Smart Dial allows you to change resistance levels, and its handle detaches for an upper body workout that can help tone your arms, sculpt your shoulders, and even target your abs.

The manufacturer tells us that Booty Max features heavy-duty construction, the ability to replace bulky, expensive equipment, and a space-saving design that stores within the bottom decks and fits under and bed or the sofa.

What can you realistically expect from Booty Max? Will it provide you with perfect form and targeted results? What about delivering a show-off booty? Let’s dig in and help you decide!

What Will You Pay for Booty Max?

Booty Max is priced at two payments of $19.95, plus $13.99 S&H, bringing your total to $53.89. For this price, you’ll also receive:

  • Workout Guide
  • Nutrition Guide
  • Workout DVD

You can also order the Deluxe Offer, which includes an additional four resistance bands, for two payments of $29.95, plus $13.99 S&H.

Note: Fitness Pants and Armbands were advertised on the Booty Max home page, although they weren’t available when we attempted to check out.

All Booty Max orders come with a 30-day money back guarantee, less S&H. Keep in mind that it might not exactly be inexpensive to ship back to the manufacturer if you’re not satisfied.

To request a refund, support can be reached at 844-519-7276.

What kind of technology will you get for your money?

Does Booty Max Feature Breakthrough Technology?

The manufacturer references several cool-sounding technologies built into Booty Max, but are they really unique? Or, are they nothing more than a bunch of marketing spin?

Multi-Directional Resistance (MDR) simply relates to the fact that Booty Max provides resistance (an opposing or slowing force) regardless of which direction you’re kicking.

Know what else provides multi-directional resistance? Gravity.

With this said, Booty Max’s ankle-bound resistance band only delivers resistance to your legs, which is why the manufacturer labels it as “targeted.” Any workout you complete could feasibly meet this definition, whether you’re using Booty Max or not.

Finally, by wrapping a band around Booty Max’s Smart Dial, it provides additional resistance. However, it doesn’t appear this resistance can be adjusted in any way; it’s either on or off.

Taken together, while these might be some useful features, we’ll let you judge whether or not they meet the definition of a breakthrough.

Breakthrough or not, what kinds of results can you expect from Booty Max?

Will Booty Max Shape & Lift Your Butt?

There are hundreds of different exercises that can help shape and tone your booty, most of which involve some version of squats, hip thrusts (or raises or extensions), or leg curls. This includes the kickback, hamstring curl, outer thigh, diagonal kickback, inner thigh, and calf raise moves you can perform with Booty Max.

Together, if performed regularly, these exercises could certainly help shape and firm your gluteus maximus. And Booty Max’s padded deck and balance handle might make performing these exercises more comfortable.

Do You Need Any Equipment?

But here’s the interesting thing: You can perform all of these exercises in the comfort of your own home without any equipment. A set of minimally expensive resistance bands, yoga ball, or a small weight set might help maximize your results, but they’re certainly not required.

Will Booty Max Provide Enough Resistance?

Speaking of which, a concern we have is that Booty Max only appears to provide two resistance levels: standard and wrapped around the Smart Dial.

In both instances, we’re not told how many pounds of resistance this delivers. This means we can’t know whether or not Booty Max will provide enough of a workout currently, as well as when your fitness level eventually increases.

Booty Max’s Deluxe Offer provides a set of resistance bands, but again, we’re not told how many pounds of resistance they provide.

Where Does Fat Loss Come In?

Another important aspect to consider is fat loss. In other words, even if Booty Max delivers ideal resistance levels and you’re able to firm and tone the necessary muscles, it won’t do a whole lot of good if it’s covered in a layer of fat.

To this extent, it’s positive that Booty Max provides a Nutrition Guide with each purchase. But is this information detailed enough? Is it customizable based on your dietary needs and preferences, along with other factors like age and gender?

Without testing Booty Max ourselves, these remain unanswered questions. But the takeaway is that nutrition is equally (if not more) important than exercise when it comes to fat loss.

Does Booty Max Have Any Competition?

Does Booty Max have any direct competition? As in, products that are designed similarly and serve the same purpose? It doesn’t appear so.

There are resistance bands designed to strap around your ankles and provide nearly the same functionality and move selection as Booty Max, but nothing with the same padded deck, resistance dial, or detachable handle.

As mentioned earlier, though, most (if not all) of Booty Max’s exercises can be performed without equipment. It’s not direct competition, but it’s certainly difficult to resist free!

Furthermore, there are hundreds of fitness systems and workout videos that focus solely on lifting and firming the butt. Some even come with all the equipment you’ll need to get started, which might provide the ultimate bang for your buck.

What Are Customers Saying In Their Booty Max Reviews?

The only place we encountered any customer feedback for Booty Max was on Amazon, where 31 reviewers gave the device an average rating of 3.3 stars.

Many seemed to appreciate its ease of use and storage, its ability to deliver a solid workout, and effective results. On the other hand, more than one complained that the resistance band broke after very little use, in addition to less-than-stellar construction quality.

In fact, one specifically mentioned you might be better off purchasing a resistance band set, “which allows you to basically do the same exercises without having to fiddle with attaching the resistance bands to the base or the handle.”

From a company perspective, Booty Max is manufactured by Tekno Products, based out of Rutherford, NJ. They specialize in As Seen on TV products like the Quick Taco Non-Stick Backing Rack and Server, Quick Tortilla Shell Set, and Dual Draft Blocker.

Tekno Products wasn't rated with the Better Business Bureau at the time of our research, although they did have two closed complaints (as of 1/16/17). Only one provided details, which referenced difficulty canceling a Booty Max order.

Bottom Line on Booty Max?

Based on what we learned from customer feedback, it’s clear that Booty Max seems to be working for a lot of buyers. On the other hand, many customers expressed general concern about its quality, so it’s unclear just how long it might continue working.

When it comes down to it, we want you to achieve the most value for your money. And since all of the exercises promoted by Booty Max can be completed without any equipment (or at least with minimally expensive resistance bands), are you getting a lot of value for your money?

Ultimately, this is based on your current needs and personal preferences, so only you can answer this important question. Just keep in mind that if you decide to process a return, it might not be inexpensive to ship Booty Max back to the manufacturer—in addition to the original $13.99 in S&H you’ll lose.