Bondtastic touts itself as a bonding agent that works where ordinary glue fails and will create a permanent bond at the molecular level in seconds. Bondtastic claims the secret to its bonding success is its use of liquid plastic resin along with UV light technology that works on almost all surfaces and hardens in seconds. 

What is UV Curing

Bondtastic is a liquid resin that is said to use ultraviolet light (UV) curing to activate and harden the adhesive. Although they claim this is a revolutionary product, UV light technology/curing has been around since the 1960s, initially with inks, coatings, adhesives, and now with 3D printing. (Dentists used to use UV curing, too!) 

Essentially, this type of reaction uses light instead of heat/air to harden a resin. According to FusionUV, liquid monomers and oligomers are mixed with photoinitiators, and then when exposed to UV, these coatings dry and get hard almost instantly. 

How Bondtastic Works

Bondtastic is a pen-like resin dispenser with a small UV light at the end. To use Bondtastic, they instruct you to squeeze the resin on whatever is broken – glass, metal, ceramic, rubber, copper, and more.

Then, shine the UV light – they promise within 5 seconds the resin will cure and you will have an airtight/watertight seal that’s flexible and nearly invisible. What you WON’T have is glue stuck to your fingers, and because Bondtastic is only activated by the light, won’t dry out even if you leave the cap off.


Bondtastic Cost:

$27.85 for 2; this is listed as $14.95 plus $7.95 S&H for the first Bondtastic and an additional $4.95 in fees for the “bonus” second Bondtastic pen.

There is a 30-day limited warranty listed on the Bondtastic website, but it seemed to be a generic template not specific to this glue/resin. Customer service had no information on Bondtastic or any money back guarantee. 

Bottom Line: Is Bondtastic FANtastic?

There are some good things about UV curing – notably that it has a high level of consistency and reduced environmental impact, at least on the industrial scale. Home use of UV resins also have the advantage of less mess or sticky fingers because it won’t harden unless exposed to the light.

However, there are some health hazards associated with exposure to UV light, but, again this is primarily in industrial settings. (Because of these hazards, dentists switched their UV lights to a blue light of around 450 nm, which is less harmful.) 

We’re guessing Bondtastic uses a similar visible-frequency light to activate its resin. This means limited exposure won’t harm you (but you should avoid shining it in your eyes) but that its bonding properties also won’t be as strong.

In other words, it’s probably good for small jobs around the house, but since this is an “As Seen On TV” product, which generally tend to overstate their benefits you should keep your expectations low. You may also want to read this Glue Buying Guide from Consumer Reports. 

Let us know your experience with Bondtastic below!