BodyCollar is a special collar for dogs that the manufacturers promise is pain-free and will stop your pooch from yanking or pulling at the leash. They state if you place the collar around both your dog’s neck and front legs as instructed, your next trip around the neighborhood with Fido will truly be a walk in the park.

What do they say is so great about BodyCollar that will stop my dog from pulling?

BodyCollar is a patented training collar said to be invented by Trish Wamstat, aka Trainer Trish who claims to have worked with dogs for more than 20 years. The BodyCollar essentially consists of a standard neck collar combined with a strap that goes underneath and behind your dogs’ front legs, with a clip for the leash between the shoulder blades; they state it is adjustable and goes on in seconds.

To use it, they instruct you to put your dog in the BodyCollar and attach the leash; then, when your pup gets a little too frisky on the walk and starts to tug, the BodyCollar pulls gently on its neck as well as up behind its elbows. Trainer Trish claims that this combined pressure will help calm them and stop them in their tracks. Unlike a traditional harness, they claim BodyCollar doesn’t pinch the shoulders and their movement is free and normal.

BodyCollar promises that this solution is humane and achieves instant results with dogs of all sizes, no matter what type of training they have had.

How much does it cost me to buy BodyCollar for my pooch?

BodyCollar comes in 3 sizes (Small 10-30 lbs. for $29.95, Medium 25-60 lbs. for $34.95, and Large 55-110 lbs. for $39.95) and 2 colors Red or Black. There is a $12.95 shipping fee for the first collar, but if you order other BodyCollars they are shipped free. Your order is also said to include a BodyCollar leash, which they state is a $12.95 value.

BodyCollar says you can try their anti-pulling dog collar risk free for 30 days, but this is not entirely true as they will not refund the $12.95 shipping fee and you must pay to ship it back to them.

You can reach BodyCollar customer service for further return instructions by calling 877-818-4227

Bottom Line: Will BodyCollar help stop my dog from pulling on the leash when I’m walking them?

Maybe. Aside from the positive reviews on their own website or affiliated dog training websites we could find any reviews from people who bought BodyCollar and loved it (or for that matter, hated it).

Generally speaking, there are many different ways to walk a dog on a leash: a collar, a head harness, a back harness, or a front harness being the most common choices. There are many advocates and detractors of each type of device. For example, some people including veterinarians praise a front harness as a safe and effective method of controlling your dog, while others worry that could possibly harm the animal.

As far as a back harness that attaches to the leash between the shoulder blades goes, some say it’s a great idea for smaller dogs, but for a bigger dog they actually encourage them to pull like a sled dog. (BodyCollar claims it restrains the dog in a different manner than other back harnesses.)

And, while some dogs can’t stand wearing a collar, some respond quite well to them so long as they are not being jerked.

One thing that many vets and dog trainers agree upon is that pulling on the leash is a behavioral problem that can be corrected with proper training. To train your dog not to pull no matter what kind of leash you have, Pet Expertise instructs you to work with your dog in your backyard or enclosed area, rewarding them with praise (or a treat) when they walk at your heel. Start with a long leash of 10-20 feet, gradually reducing it to 6 feet. You can download a free Dog Training eBook here.

In sum, BodyCollar may good for your pet especially if your dog is on the smaller side but patience, persistence, and proper training will be the most effective method to prevent them from pulling.

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