Blow Lantern is a LED-based light that mimics an old-timey lamp but the manufacturers tout it uses no oils and produces no smoke. It appears to be battery powered, but instead of flipping a switch on or off, you blow on it.

Blow Lantern is a new product from Telebrands, a television infomercial marketing company famous for inventing the now-ubiquitous “As Seen On TV” logo. They market hundreds of products like these that look great, but… (keep reading for more info)

The Blow Lantern Pitch

Blow Lantern is targeting older people, perhaps nostalgic for the 1800s(?) or who just like the look-and-feel of an oil-based lantern. They claim it’s great for people who have trouble with tiny knobs and that you can adjust the level of intensity to make it more lamp-like.

How Blow Lantern Works

Blow Lantern has a base and a chimney that looks glass but is made of plastic. Instead of a wick and oil, there is a flame-shaped LED bulb of unknown lumens and a battery of unknown size or type. They guarantee 100,000 hours of use, but the return policy is only listed as 30 days.

To use Blow Lantern, place it in your bedchamber or anywhere else you might need nighttime illumination. Then, if there’s a power outage or any other type of emergency, just blow down the chimney to turn it on, and then again to turn it off. They state it also comes with a dimmer, just like real oil lamps.

Blow Lantern Will Run You:

$19.98 – listed as $12.99 + $6.99 S&H. You can add another Blow Lantern for $6.99 in fees. These fees are non-refundable, even if you return Blow Lantern within the allotted 30-guarantee; you must pay to ship back yourself and include a “written, detailed explanation” or your return could be refused.

Bottom Line: Is Blow Lantern a Scam?

Blow Lantern may indeed work as promised – meaning blow on, blow off, BUT:

  • How bright is it? There is no indication of wattage or lumens.
  • What kind of battery does it use?
  • Is this battery replaceable?

The answers to these questions, we feel, will affect whether Blow Lantern is worth its almost $20 list price.

What did you do? Did you buy Blow Lamp? What kind of wattage and battery does it have? Let us know below!