Block Out from Swift Response is a waterproofing spray in a can that they promise will protect almost all surfaces from any liquid. They claim a special hydrophobic formula repels the liquids without damaging fabrics or irritating the skin. They promise it’s quick, easy, and starts working immediately.

Block Out is another product from brothers Alan and Phil Swift, dba Swift Response LLC who sell other aerosol-based products like Flex Seal (claims to stop leaks) and Foamazing (foam that they say blasts away grease). There is no information about this company on the BBB website.

The Block Out Pitch

Block Out is pitched by Phil Swift, who says it’s from the same people who brought you Flex Seal. The infomercial basically consists of Phil spraying various surfaces such as a concrete brick, leather shoes, a wedding dress, and even a tissue with Block Out and then dowsing them with various staining liquids. Every time, the mess is repelled and the surface appears to stay clean and dry.

How Block Out Works

They don’t specifically list the ingredients of Block Out. They state it’s made from a “hydrophobic formula,” which translates into a nano-sized coating of silica that serves as a waterproof barrier. (Mighty Gard claims the same thing.)

To use Block Out, they say to spray the fabric or surface you’d like to protect in a well-ventilated area indoors or outside. While they promise in the commercial it begins working immediately, the FAQ states you should wait 2-3 hours to let it dry before spilling anything on it.

They promise it’s safe for skin and won’t harm fabric, children, or pets. They say coverage will vary depending on type of fabric or leather and that “in many situations” it will last for months but you should re-apply Block Out as needed.

Block Out Will Cost You HOW MUCH?

$42.93 – this is pitched as $19.99 plus $9.95 S&H for a large can (appears to be16 oz.) and they throw in a travel size can (dimensions unknown) as a “bonus.” To tempt you further, they say they give you another pair of cans “free” except they automatically charge you another $12.99 in fees.

Block Out can be returned for a refund (minus S&H) within 30 days, which means you will just get back $19.99 and you have to pay what it costs to ship back.

Bottom Line: Is Block Out a Scam?

These types of water-repelling products are all the rage, probably because it looks like it would be a lot of fun to do the spray-and-spill tests like the in commercials. However, we feel we should point out:

  • It is unclear how much stuff you can coat per can. The bigger and/or more porous the item, the more Block Out it will take to seal it.
  • The product may last for months on some items, less on others.
  • Their Privacy Policy page states that they may call you on the phone and try to sell you other stuff or via email or snail mail. They may also give this information “from time to time” to other “reputable” third parties. You may opt-out of these, but you have to visit a website and send them an email.
  • If you are interested in Block Out, we suggest searching for the product and buying online from another retailer that charges less and won’t make you buy it in bulk.

What do you think of Block Out? Did you use it and was it as amazing as the infomercial or did it SUCK? Let us know!