Big Boss Squeegee Vacuum is a handheld electric rechargeable cleaning device they tout will give you sparkly clean windows without scrubbing. This is because Squeegee Vacuum is said to add the suction power of a vacuum to the squeegeeing process allowing you to dry the window as you go, resulting in a streak-free surface.

What’s so cool about Squeegee Vacuum that makes it so great?

Squeegee Vac is made by Big Boss (owned by Emson Inc.) a line that primarily specializes in kitchen appliances. The Squeegee Vacuum is essentially a squeegee that has built-in suction powered by a lithium ion battery with a reservoir for the dirty water. It has a bright orange handle that matches the squeegee tip.

To use Big Boss Squeegee Vacuum they instruct you to first spray the dirty window with water or your favorite cleaning solution. Next, they tell you to turn on the Squeegee Vac and press the rubber squeegee blade gently against the glass surface.

They state Squeegee Vacuum will create a watertight seal from the rubber squeegee straight to the resevoir. As you move the blade down the window, they say this allows you to suck up water and grime effortlessly with one motion. The result, they promise, is a streak-free surface that is completely clean.

They add that Big Boss Squeegee Vac is great for preventing mold and mildew buildup on shower tiles and can clean even the dirtiest mirrors. When you are done cleaning with the Squeegee Vacuum, they promise you won’t have to touch the dirty water as the dirty water from the EZ Empty canister is removed with just one push of your finger.

How much are they charging for Big Boss Squeegee Vacuum?

Big Boss Squeegee Vac sells as 3 payments of $19.95 or one payment of $59.95, which includes free shipping and a spray bottle with a microfiber head.

Is there a money back guarantee or warranty for Squeegee Vacuum?

Big Boss Squeegee Vacuum has a 30-day money back guarantee, minus what it costs you to ship it back.

Big Boss Squeegee Vacuum has no warranty past the initial 30 days.

Squeegee Vac customer service number: 866-783-8203

Bottom Line: Is Squeegee Vacuum by Big Boss a Good Way to Clean Windows?

Let’s face it, nobody likes to do windows so we appreciate the promise of Big Boss Squeegee Vacuum. But there are a couple of things we’d like to point out. First, remember that this product is almost $60 dollars – they tout that its 3 payments of $19.95 perhaps hoping you won’t do the math. Second, it only has a 30-day guarantee/warranty, so if it stops working after that, you are likely out of luck.

Third, is this something you really need to keep windows clean? We couldn’t find any specific reviews of Squeegee Vacuum but came across its closest competitor, the Karcher WV 50 Window Vacuum. (In spite of how they make it sound in the commercial, the Squeegee Vacuum is hardly the only combo squeegee vacuum in the marketplace – Karcher claims to be the first.)

The Karcher Window Vacuum sells for $10 less than the Big Boss Squeegee Vacuum and has a very similar design and features (the Karcher is yellow).

Generally speaking, the Karcher Window Vacuum gets very strong recommendations from customers that have bought it, who love the convenience and the “cool factor” of using this electric sucking squeegee.

However, we’d like to point out what was deemed the most helpful critical review of Karcher Window Vacuum that gave it 3-stars and stated that once the novelty factor wears off, you may use it much less.

This is because the main power of this cleaning device is simply the rubber squeegee tip, no different than a thousand other squeegees. The reviewer stated in addition to having a separate can to spray the window cleaner, she still needed to go over corners and problem spots with a towel. They noted that the Karcher needed to be recharged after every use and that Windex sprays out its exhaust ports.

Will the Big Boss Squeegee Vacuum improve upon Karcher’s flaws and deliver a superior vacuum powered window cleaning product? Perhaps. However, we’d like to point out that Karcher has a 1-year warranty and the Squeegee Vacuum does not.

Conclusion: Big Boss Squeegee Vacuum may be a nifty novelty and make cleaning windows almost fun… at least for a while. If you have to do a lot of windows this may make sense, although you will still likely have to do touch ups with a small cloth. However, since Squeegee Vacuum by Big Boss only comes with one size squeegee it may not be as convenient for every window surface.

How to clean a window with a squeegee

Having clean windows isn’t as hard as it needs to be – just use a squeegee (no vacuum needed)!

According to an article in This Old House, all you need is a squeegee, window cleaner and applicator, and a towel. First apply the cleaner with a spray or large flat applicator. You can just use a little bit of dishwashing liquid in a bucket. Next, if it’s a large picture window, clean with squeegee in an “S” pattern and wipe the blade with a lint-free cloth. Repeat until clean. That’s it!

We hope this helps you make a decision about Squeegee Vacuum from Big Boss. Let us know your experience with this window cleaning product below!