Big Boss Insta Mop is a round, swiveling mop that also comes with a bucket that has a centrifuge and separate compartment for clean water. The manufacturers promise you can use Big Boss Insta Mop wet or dry to clean up any floor mess; if used with water, you push down on the centrifuge to wring it dry and the dirty water collects below.

Big Boss Insta Mop appears to be another version of a spinning mop-and-bucket (see Hurricane Twin Spin) that touts ease-of-use and speedy cleaning of hard-to-reach areas. There are just a few differences… (see below)

The Big Boss Insta Mop Pitch

Big Boss Insta Mop targets people who hate to clean floors with a regular mop. Their claim is that Big Boss Insta Mop is much better because it can swivel to get under couches and behind toilets, as well as spin itself dry with the bucket apparatus. In the infomercial they show an Insta Mop competing against other mops cleaning up a messy floor; not only does the Insta Mop appear to clean its section faster, it goes back and picks up the mess that the other mops didn’t get clean.

How Big Boss Insta Mop Works

Big Boss Insta Mop is essentially comprised of two items: a green circular mop head that they state is removable and machine-washable and a matching 2-chamber bucket that contains a centrifuge.

To use Big Boss Insta Mop, snap on the round head. Then, either clean the floors dry; they boast the electro-static energy will attract the dirt as you use it. Or, use it with the bucket by filling the open compartment with water and wet-mopping the floor. Next, push down on the centrifuge, which they state will start spinning and the dirty water will collect in the basin below, separate from the clean water. When done, they tout the drain plug can be pulled on the dirty water side for easy clean up and the bucket can be taken apart for more compact storage.

The Difference Between Insta Mop and the Hurricane Mops

As we mentioned, there are other mop/bucket combos out there, with the Hurricane Twin Spin being one reviewed by our site. Although they are sold by different companies (Emson Inc and Telebrands, respectively) both are so similar in design that they could indeed be manufactured by the same vendor and branded differently.

What’s the same: both are round and swivel 360 degrees to get under and around objects. Both come with a bucket that has a spinning centrifuge. Both can be used wet or dry and their heads claim to be machine washable.

What’s different: Hurricane is light blue and Big Boss Insta Mop is green. Hurricane bucket only has one compartment; Big Boss Insta Mop has 2 compartments, one to hold the dirty water, as well as a drain plug.

Hurricane Mops say their mop heads hold 10x their weight in water and that the centrifuge spins at more than 1,000 RPMs; Big Boss Insta Mop makes no such claims.

Big Boss Insta Mop Costs

$47.85 (presented as 1 or 2 payments totaling $39.90 plus $7.95 in shipping/handling). At the time of your order, you can add another mop head for another $5.95 in fees. These fees are non-refundable, but if you return Big Boss Insta Mop within 30 days, they will refund your $39.90; however, you must also pay to ship it back. When you click “Process Order” you are also signing an arbitration agreement, which limits your rights as a consumer to sue for damages.

Bottom Line: Is Big Boss Insta Mop a Scam?

The promise of an easy-to-use-and-clean mop has inspired many versions of this product. As we mentioned, Big Boss Insta Mop is very similar to the Hurricane Twin Spin (or Hurricane 360, which has a foot pump-activated centrifuge).

The Hurricane versions have had a number of consumer complaints, mainly: a) the product was cheaply made and the handle easily broke; b) the mop head fibers could not be cleaned, even in the washing machine; and c) the centrifuge didn’t spin/work as promised.

Did Big Boss/Emson address these issues with their version? Let us know!

(And without specifically endorsing another product or website, we strongly suggest doing a search for “original best reviewed spinning mop” and seek out the one with the most number of reviews and the highest star rating.)