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Nov 27, 2018 | | Dalton, GA

I have used this product for two months, and I am in love with it! Thank you Dr. Layke!

Lift + Sculpting experience

Nov 26, 2018 | | Carolina, Puerto Rico

I’ve had a good experience although, I still have a turkey neck. I've seen great progress and the wrinkles on my lip area have diminished. I’ve been using it for 30 to 40 days. Overall I recommend Lift + Firm Sculpting Cream.

Lift & Firm Sculpting Cream

Nov 25, 2018 | | Shelburne, Nova Scotia, Canada

I'm 61 in April. I smoked for over 40 years. I've just tried the Lift & Firm Sculpting Cream and in two applications, it has diminished my smoking lines around my mouth. I've also been working out very hard over the last few years, and the only thing on my body I can't change is my skin. This cream is going to make a huge difference to how I feel about myself for the better! Yay.

Love this cream

Nov 24, 2018 | | Houston, TX

I've been using it for a month with stunning results. Fantastic product, very effective.

Nice firming creme

Nov 24, 2018 | | Los Angeles, CA

It’s definitely firming and lifting, especially if you apply morning and night routinely.

Still foolin' them in my 70's

Nov 21, 2018 | | Gulf Breeze, FL

I do feel this face cream makes my neck, around my mouth and overall skin look firmer and smooth! Even a new doctor I have didn't believe my age! YAY!

Best skin product ever!

Nov 16, 2018 | | Mesquite, NV

I love Lift and Firm cream by Beverly Hills MD. It absolutely does what the doctors say it will do. I'm 70 years old and when I tell people how old I am, they don't believe it. I didn't get this many surprised looks twenty years ago before I started using these products. My face and neck are more supple without all the sagging, wrinkles that one would expect at my age. I stockpile this stuff as I never want to be out of it.

The Dermal Repair Complex

Nov 15, 2018 | | Ontario, Canada

Love it and wouldn't be without it!

Lift and Firm

Nov 14, 2018 | | Montgomery, TX

There are no perfumes added. I have a lot of allergic reactions to a lot of products, and I can use this one. I can't even use foundation makeup. It does help with moisturizing of my face and neck.

Love it after using it for a couple years, would not change!

Nov 13, 2018 | | Westfield, IN

I really do love the way this moisturizer goes on, how it feels on my skin, works under my subsequent makeup, and lasts through the day!

Excellent product

Nov 13, 2018 | | South Carolina

I’ve used this product for a couple of years. I don’t usually believe the marketing claims of most skin care products. However, I was drawn to the medical and scientific presentation of this cream. I like the way it feels and It makes a difference. I love it!

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