Beverly Hills MD Clarity Complete says it’s a new formula developed by Beverly Hills plastic surgeon John Layke that combines new clear skin technology with advanced natural healing ingredients to give you the smooth, clear skin you’ve always wanted. Beverly Hills MD Clarity Complete claims to reduce breakouts, prevent future blackheads, diminish the appearance of scarring, and hydrate the skin to make it look flawless.

What causes acne?

We get zits or breakouts for a few different reasons: dead skin or bacteria may be clogging your pores or your body is producing too much sebum (oil) due to genetics, hormones, or stress levels. Because of their changing bodies, teenagers are more susceptible to acne, but it can happen to anyone at any age. (Beverly Hills MD touts that anyone can use Clarity Complete.)

The good news is, aside from embarrassment or discomfort, acne is not a sign of a serious health problem. However, if you are experiencing regular breakouts, it is always best to speak to a dermatologist, especially if over-the-counter treatments aren’t working.

What do they say is so great about Beverly Hills MD Clarity Complete that will get rid of my problem acne?

Beverly Hills MD Clarity Complete is essentially both a supplement and a set of topical applications that they promise, when combined, will do wonders for your skin. They state what makes this system different from other acne products is that Clarity Complete doesn’t work by drying out your skin.

Instead, Beverly Hills MD states it works to treat skin breakouts from the inside out, reducing lipid peroxide levels, which they claim prevents the formation of pimples. Beverly Hills MD Clarity Complete touts their topical program contains salicylic acid, which they promise is much gentler on the skin, yet just as effective as other harsher treatments.

Here is the full set of products that come with Beverly Hills MD Clarity Complete along with the active ingredient (if any) listed in each:

Acne Scar Targeting Supplement: This is a blend of vitamins, minerals and natural extracts said to boost the immune system and fight acne from inside the body. Ingredients: Niacin and Zinc blend, White Willow Bark, Bromelain (from pineapple stems), Gotu Kola (a type of parsley), Reservatrol (from grape skins).

Pore Purifying Cleansing Foam: Active ingredient Salicylic Acid 0.5%

Exfoliating Treatment Gel: Salicylic Acid 2%

Oil-Free Skin Renewal Complex: No active ingredient listed

Anti-Acne Spot Concentrate: Salicylic Acid 0.5%

How much are they charging for the complete Beverly Hills MD Clarity Complete Multi-Action System acne treatment?

It depends on how you order it. According to customer service you can get a better discount on the products by ordering from this link:

With this option, you can get a one month supply of the Acne Scar Targeting Supplement, the Pore Purifying Cleansing Foam, and the Exfoliating Treatment Gel for $39.99 for 1 month, $67.98 if for 2 months, and $89.97 for 3.

With these initial orders, they say the Oil-Free Skin Renewal Complex and the Anti-Acne Spot Concentrate are thrown in as free gifts.

However, once this period is up unless you call to cancel, you will then be automatically charged for the full 1 or 2 months supply of the entire 5-piece Clarity Complete anti-acne treatment system, which is a bit more expensive as shown here:

1 month supply of entire kit is $95 or 2 months at $80.75.

Is there a money back guarantee on Beverly Hills MD Clarity Complex anti-acne solution?

Yes. Beverly Hills MD states there is a 60-day money back return policy on all products as long as you a) call them before 60 days from date of order is up and b) send back all the bottles of Beverly Hills MD Clarity Complete, even if they are empty. They promise they will then refund your money back, no questions asked; however, you have to pay the return shipping/tracking fees.

How do I contact Beverly Hills MD for a refund or cancellation of my Clarity Complete acne-busting regimen?

Beverly Hills MD customer service telephone: 877-828-5528

Press 2 to speak to a customer service representative for further instructions.

Bottom Line: Beverly Hills MD is expensive, possibly effective for mild to moderate acne but beware the auto-ship!

Beverly Hills MD, primarily known for its anti-aging cosmeceuticals, seems to have a generally good reputation from customers. Here on our website, the company averages 4 stars from over 60 reviews.

While the majority of these reviews are positive for their Dark Spot Corrector and Lift + Sculpt Creams, some of the negative reviews complain that there is very little product or it wasn’t effective, and several mention being signed up to and billed for a monthly shipment without their knowledge.

In response to many of these negative reviews, especially the ones who complain about the auto-ship feature, a woman named Samantha has left comments below their reviews in order to further explain the Beverly Hills MD billing system. A typical one reads:

“For the Inner Circle membership, that is an optional feature [on the order page] that allows customers to never run out of their favorite product. You are able to opt out of this subscription service at any time. If you need help doing so, please email me at I will be glad to assist you with any issues you may have.”

Therefore, it seems to us that there is some confusion during the ordering process that some of their customers are not aware of – as we pointed out above, there are 2 different web pages that offer completely different pricing plans. This has led some of them to complain that Beverly Hills MD’s billing system is deceptive. (Indeed, their website states in several places that they do not have any auto-ship programs.)

As far as Clarity Complete itself, we’re pretty confident that the Exfoliating Treatment Gel will help those with mild to moderate acne see results because Salicylic Acid is a popular and common treatment that will unclog pores and resolve and prevent lesions. At 2% it’s the strongest concentration of all the creams in the system.

Will the rest of the products help? Probably not so much. According to WebMD, herbal, organic or “natural” ingredients (like those included in the Acne Scar Targeting Supplement) are not proven to reduce or prevent acne and unlikely to have much benefit.

And while it is important to use an oil-free moisturizer to hydrate your skin after using Salicylic Acid, the Oil-Free Skin Renewal Complex is not likely to do a better job than an inexpensive over-the-counter moisturizer. This is based on our conclusions from our overview of cheap vs. expensive skin creams and found that there was little difference in effectiveness between any of them, regardless of the sticker price.

In other words, only one of their 5 set regimen is clearly going to make a difference (pun intended); the others may provide some minimal help and benefits, but it’s up to you whether it’s worth the extra price. Just be aware of how the Inner Circle Membership works!

And let us know your experience with Beverly Hills MD Clarity Complete below!