BellaAtHome is a set of teeth whitening products that claim to be stronger than the ones you can buy at the drugstore but are safe and as effective as the whiteners used by your dentist. BellaAtHome offers a one-month supply that includes a gel, whitening tray and applicator delivered direct to your doorstep. 

The BellaAtHome Pitch

BellaAtHome is a subscription product, meaning they send you more every month and bill you for it whether you want it or not. This is only clear if you look at their terms and conditions.

BellaAtHome says their teeth whitening gel contains 22% Carbamide Peroxide, which is used by dentists as a bleaching agent; while they sometimes use up to 35% in their office, 22% is highest level allowed for over-the-counter products like BellaAtHome.

BellaAtHome Costs:

This is where it gets tricky. The language on the BellaAtHome website makes it appear you are purchasing a one-month supply at $140.90 ($129.99 plus $10.91 shipping). However, according to a customer service representative, when BellaAtHome arrives in the mail, you are sent an 8-day trial supply and a one-month supply. 

The representative explained will first be charged $4.90 in shipping, then 8 days after you ordered it you’ll be billed $140.90 for the BellaAtHome and then billed $140.90 every month and shipped more BellaAtHome. They state you must take affirmative action to avoid further billing and as long as any product is unopened it is eligible for a refund within 30 days.

Bottom Line: Is BellaAtHome a Scam?

First of all, BellaAtHome appears to be using a hidden subscription plan, one of the Seven Deadly Sins of As Seen On TV commercials. Many consumers have complained about finding unauthorized BellaAtHome charges on their credit card and having difficulty canceling their subscriptions; the BBB gives the company an F rating for a pattern of complaints. (In response, BellaAtHome has added an Easy Cancel button on their website.)

Second, their privacy policy allows them to solicit you via phone, email, regular mail, and even text messaging as well as give/sell your information to third parties. 

On top of that, the product itself seems to be not very good. Currently, BellaAtHome has a one-star average on with people complaining the gel is more like water, the mouthpiece was extremely uncomfortable, and it didn’t make their teeth whiter. 

So how do you get your teeth whitened without having to spend a fortune at the dentist or subscribe to a crappy product? According to Gennaro Cataldo, a professor of dentistry at Boston University, Crest Whitestrips work. However, he cautions that any over-the-counter can be harmful if misused or overused.

In addition, according to an article in Archwired, if you are doing the DIY-whitening method, the 22% Carbimide Peroxide offered by BellaAtHome may be too strong for people with sensitive teeth and cause a lot of pain. A weaker solution may take longer but will still produce results.

Remember, Teeth whitening is purely cosmetic and won’t be covered by any insurance. You may also want to read: Whiten Your Teeth at Home from WebMD.