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Not as advertised

Apr 3, 2017 | | Arizona

Got my two flashlights, they lasted maybe 3 months with every other day use. Certainly poor quality, nowhere close to a quality unit. The buttons to on/off fell apart on both.

Confused by other reviews

Apr 2, 2017 | | Seattle

So I clicked on this site just to see if I could find an actual lumen. Still unsure what that is. However, the other reviews, at least to me, are completely misleading. I first bought one of these just to see how badass they really are. A small back story, I bought two headlamps from Costco that were super bright. Wanted to see if the TacLight was as bright. TacLight DESTROYED the Costco headlamps. Super bright. Can find dog business with ease. The strobe feature makes me feel like a seizure is imminent. The construction of the TacLight feels super solid and light. Just my thoughts.

Do NOT waste your time or $

Mar 30, 2017 | | Riga, New York

Rated it at 1/2 a star but, would not let me do it. Had to be at least a full one star only or would not let me submit the review at all. Certainly not a real Bell & Howell type product at all, I have a Bell & Howell movie projector we bought back in 1956 that still works on 16 mm films. These things didn't last in the box making the trip to our house at all.

Ordered 2, got 2, the broken one came on a Tuesday, the 2nd one came the next day. The broken one had a bad switch or the battery was left on all the time since it was assembled at the factory. The 2nd one didn't bother to turn on at all. Called the number and talked to 3 different people and each one had the same words to say right down to the slurring of two words on all 3 of the answers. Tried to send it back and the post office said they can't do that anymore because they never get paid for any of them when they receive them where they are sent to. The post office says they are junk and none of the ones sent back are worth a plug nickel. Yes, I would recommend them to my worst enemies and to the people I hate with a purple passion.

Garbage quality, scam

Mar 18, 2017 | | Atlantic City, NJ

Switch worked only two days, fell apart in my hands! Returning to store for a refund, I will never buy another American electronic product ever again.

Not a happy camper

Mar 16, 2017 | | Mendota, IL

Ordered 2 to start with and they arrived in good time. Shortly after receiving them, one stopped working on "high". So I called and they sent me 2 more. About the time the second 2 arrived the other original one stopped working on "high". Since then the other 2 have also stopped working on "high". That is a 100% failure rate. My wife and I are thoroughly disappointed. Haven't been able to contact them again to get resolution.


Mar 12, 2017 | | Wantage, NJ

Purchased this flashlight with the intent of using it when hiking, camping and in my veterinary office when I needed a very bright light to visualize the pharynx which can be difficult in a long nosed dog. Had the light for 4 days before using it, took it out of the package, turned it on and indeed, it was extremely bright. I turned it off after testing the different modes and when I was laying it down it slipped out of my hand landing on a carpeted floor from about a 4-foot height. Have not been able to get it to work since. So much for military grade quality.

Very bright

Feb 28, 2017 | | Jefferson City, TN

I got mine at Walmart and so far is working great and yes it is much brighter than other flashlights.

No Light, no order, no money

Feb 26, 2017 | | OR

Would have liked to have had a chance to use and rate this light, but after 4 months, calls, and yes, still want the product. Nothing! But they are still taking orders off the ads on t.v.? They are getting orders, the reviews are showing that. Now today I go online to see where the lights are, and it shows that I canceled the order, but I don't see a refund. This was a Christmas present I ordered for my husband 7 weeks before the day. Then was a B-day present in February, still nothing. What kind of company is this?


Jan 29, 2017 | | Greenville, IL

I was so excited to find the light at my Walmart, it stopped working in less than a month.

Customer service got it wrong

Jan 16, 2017 | | CA

My mom ordered a TacLight with the additional light that was to come with it. They sent her two lanterns instead. I have called the company after she had no luck twice. They will not pay for the return of the lanterns and insist she ordered the lantern. They are wrong! She called this number and ordered the flashlights.

Battery Life

Jan 7, 2017 | | Tallahassee, FL

The light is good and all that they say, but the battery does not last 100,000 hours. Mine didn't last for a month and I am having trouble finding a replacement battery. Bummer.

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