Bed Renu is an inflatable device that the sellers promise will fix any sagging mattress or turn it into a customized support bed instantly. To do this, they tell you to place Bed Renu between the mattress and the box spring, pump to the desired level, and then relax… they claim your mattress is restored and/or elevated to the perfect level, reducing aches and pains and giving you a better night’s rest.

How Bed Renu Works

Bed Renu’s dimensions are not listed and customer service had no further information. To use Bed Renu, they instruct you to place it between the mattress and the box spring under the area where it is sagging; they claim you may also use it at the head or foot of the bed for extra elevation.

Next, they say to take the hand pump and squeeze until the bed is at the desired level and turn the nozzle below it off. They state your bed will now be rejuvenated which will help you sleep better.

Bed Renu Costs:

$27.94 ($19.99 plus $7.99 S&H). There is no return policy listed for Bed Renu but they do promise a 10-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Bottom Line: Is Bed Renu a Scam?

A sagging mattress can literally be a pain when it comes to getting some sleep, so Bed Renu seems like it might be helpful, especially if you have an older mattress and can’t afford a new one.

However, there are a few things we feel like we should bring up. First, and perhaps most important, there is no return policy listed. When we spoke to someone at the customer service number, they told us the product had been discontinued. Even if this is true, the website appeared to be active and still taking orders as of December 2014.

Therefore, if you are interested in Bed Renu, we strongly suggest you calling (973) 287-5166 and double-checking about its availability and if there is a return policy; while you’re at it see if there’s any fine print for the 10-Year Warranty.

The good news is, even if Bed Renu is discontinued, there are a few quick ways to fix a saggy mattress. First, check the warranty on your existing mattress; if it’s less than 10 years old, you may be able to get a replacement from the manufacturer. 

If that doesn’t work, try putting a pillow or folded up blanket between the mattress and box spring; this should work to reduce sags much in the same way as Bed Renu.

Also, sometimes it’s actually the box spring that is the culprit behind a lifeless mattress. Check for damage and replace if necessary – it’ll be much cheaper than buying a whole new mattress set.

We hope this helps! Let us know what you think below!