BeachBody On Demand is a new online fitness program that promises you can workout anywhere anytime you want. BeachBody On Demand says you will have access to workout videos worth thousands of dollars and that you have unlimited streaming of some of their world-class programs, with new workouts added every month.

How does BeachBody On Demand work to get me fit?

BeachBody On Demand claims you will have access to their Master Library, containing hundreds of workouts and programs. These include: P90X P90X2, P90 X3, INSANITY, TurbFire, ChaLEAN Extreme, Brazil Butt Lift, 10 Minute Trainer, Hip Hop Abs, as well as an “insider peek” at PiYo, 21 Day Fix, Body Beast, FOCUS T25, and others. (This “peek” means that you will have to pay a separate fee for those additional workouts.)

BeachBody On Demand insists that they don’t just give you workouts, they include the total fitness package to get and keep you in shape. This includes workout calendars, fitness guides, nutrition plans, and progress trackers you can access online. You’ll also get a 10% discount on products, message boards, chat rooms, and even your own personal coach for one-on-one guidance and support.

BeachBody On Demand also claims to have an “all star” roster of fitness trainers in their videos. These include Sagi Kalev, Charlene Johnson (creator of ChaLEAN Extreme), Tony Horton, Autumn Calabrese, Shaun T, Debbie Siebers, and Leandro Carvalho (creator of the Brazil Butt Lift).

BeachBody On Demand says you can search through their workouts by trainer name, ability, type or length. They add you can create a playlist of your favorites as well as mix up your routine by trying the hundreds of different workouts included.

BeachBody On Demand is said to allow streaming only on laptops, tablets, or smartphones. However, there is no BeachBody on Demand app (yet) so all content must be accessed via a web browser on whatever device you choose. It is said to work with Apple TV via AirPlay mirroring on a connected iPhone. 

What does BeachBody on Demand cost to access it?

BeachBody on Demand sells for $2.99/month, billed every 3 months as $38.87. BeachBody on Demand also offers a 30-day free trial with every signup. You can also opt for 3 months free, with the purchase of their Shakeology drinks from one of their enthusiastic coaches (more on this later).

BeachBody Refund Information

BeachBody Telephone (800) 471-3416.

Customer support via email or live chat via

BeachBody On Demand Reviews

BeachBody On Demand is a relatively new product in the BeachBody family, which was founded in 1998 in Santa Monica. From reviews of the product, there seem to be some distinct pros and cons.

On the Pro side, reviewers have noted that there are indeed hundreds of hours of high-quality videos of their favorite trainers, accessible on a variety of devices. These are action-packed workouts that generally receive good marks for their production and the personality of their trainers.

On the Con side, is the technology. There are many complaints that because BeachBody doesn’t have an app, you’ve got to use a webpage and log in every time and using it with AirPlay and AppleTV is even more complicated

Also, because it’s streaming only, you have to have fast enough speed or a big enough data plan to watch on your phone. Some lament they should have used expiring download keys instead.

It could be a while until all these kinks are worked out. Over on GlassDoor, a website that claims to contain honest information about employee atmosphere at a variety of companies, BeachBody has an average 3.1 rating but suffers primarily in reviews of its IT department, where anonymous current and former employees lament they are “overworked” and that the infrastructure is “unstable”.

The BeachBody MLM Technique – a Pyramid Scheme?

BeachBody uses what they call “Multichannel Marketing” but in essence it is what is commonly known as Multilevel Marketing or MLM. MLM is a way of selling products that offers a commission structure for participants based not only on what they sell, but also from the other sellers they bring on board. 

While the most familiar name in MLM Marketing is Avon, there are many other companies that use this technique. The FTC says MLM is not illegal per se, however, many shadier ones end up being pyramid schemes, where new recruits are constantly needed to bring in more money, otherwise the whole thing collapses.

While BeachBody insists that it is not a scheme because it gives an actual product or service, others dispute this notion. In a lengthy investigation on his site called Lazy Man and Money, the Lazy Man dissects BeachBody and concludes that it is indeed a pyramid scheme, with a high turnover of coaches, many of which end up earning little or no money while still paying “coaching fees” to BeachBody. 

Another site called BeachBody Bummer states that many coaches end up spending at least $180 per month on Shakeology drinks, which they in turn try to sell to other members. (A holistic website looked at the ingredients of Shakeology and found them filled processed soy, artificial sweeteners, and rancid vegetable oils.)

Remember, when you sign up for BeachBody On Demand, you are given your own personal coach, which sounds like a premium. However, it may soon become apparent that they are trying to sell you more BeachBody products so they can make their commission.

Conclusion: BeachBody On Demand may have some cool workouts with trainers that have a lot of personality, but the strong marketing aspect of the program could leave a bad taste in your mouth (and it won’t be just from Shakeology).